The Scientific Revolution

Change Over Time Culminating Assessment

What was the change?

Before the Scientific Revolution science was established mostly out of reasoning. Now scientist use experimental and observational methods. Old science generally relied on common sense, religious teachings, and ancient authorities. New science (which is the change) uses observation, experiments, and scientific reasoning to gather knowledge and draw conclusions. The picture beside the paragraph is the scientific method. Today it helps people organize their projects and gather information.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon, Descartes, and Galileo were the people who helped develop what is now called the scientific method. Copernicus published the heliocentric theory, Kepler published the first two laws of the planetary motion, Bacon's book Novum Organum encouraged the experimental method, Descartes's book Discourse on Method set fourth his scientific method of reasoning from the basis of doubt, and Galileo supported Copernicus's theory. Sir Isaac Newton explained the Law of Motion, Leeuwenhoek used a microscope to observe bacteria, and Fahrenheit created the therometer that used mercury in glass.

Scientific Revolution Galileo

This is a video talking about Galileo, an Italian astronomer who played an important role in the scientific revolution. It also explains Copernicus' heliocentric theory that Galileo helped support.

How did the change impact the society at the time?

At the time most scholars believed that the earth was still and located at the center of the universe. Aristotle used common sense to come up with the geocentric theory. In the mid-1500's only a few people published their work because it challenged the ideas of ancient thinkers and the church. Scholars replaced old theories with new ones and started a change called the Scientific Revolution, a new way of thinking about the natural world. That was when scholars started using scientific research and instruments. The picture above is an illustration of the geocentric theory. It shows how the earth is in the middle and everything else is revolving around it.

How is that change evidence in today's modern society?

Today we use methods, laws, and theory's instead of common sense, ideas of ancient thinkers, and the church. The Scientific Revolution made a huge impact on today's society. Below is a picture of students using an scientific instrument called a microscope created by Leeuwenhoek.
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