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March 6, 2020

Parent Teacher Conferences -- Focus on Academics & SEL

This year I've been focusing on bringing our teachers and our parents up to speed on the social emotional learning standards. See previous Avoca West News editions or CLICK HERE for a quick refresher! Research has shown us that social emotional learning (SEL):
  • Increases student achievement,
  • Builds prosocial behaviors (kindness, sharing, empathy),
  • Improves attitudes about school, and
  • Reduces depression and stress in students.

As you prepare to meet with your child's teacher, consider asking about your child's progress:
  • Managing his/her emotions
  • Recognizing his/her strengths and areas to grow -- especially to set goals
  • Listening to and recognizing the perspective of others
  • Communicating with peers -- especially when there is conflict or disagreement
  • Making positive choices and contributions to the classroom

Oftentimes these are elements that can be BEST supported at home, so listen for language and strategies your child's teacher might offer to help with any of these areas. We know that a strong school-family partnership is essential in helping our students feel supported and successful in both arenas!

COVID 19 Update (Corona Virus)

The administration continues to monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) regarding responses to COVID 19. On Tuesday, Superintendent Osburn attended a joint meeting of Village of Wilmette leaders and will be issuing a separate communications as a result of that meeting. In the meantime, we continue to work with staff to keep rooms as disinfected as possible and we encourage you to follow best practices such as washing hands with soap regularly, using hand sanitizers, wiping down surfaces at home and avoiding contacts such as handshaking and the like. Most importantly, if your child is sick and shows symptoms of fever and coughing, they should stay home and we encourage you to check in with your doctor. It is our standard practice to have students with fevers stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours. However, parents often give medicine to make children more comfortable -- masking symptoms and sending students to school too soon. This puts everyone at risk, particularly at a time when we are all exceptionally concerned about keeping healthy.

Additionally, we want to be aware of how media portrayals of this health challenge can create bias and breed discrimination. No group is responsible for this virus outbreak, and we cannot tolerate misinformation or stereotypes that leave any of our students vulnerable to biased or unkind treatment. These are forms of racism and must be stopped in their tracks. We appreciate your support in this regard.

Feel free to check out this BrainPop video made for kids to help learn about the virus.

GREAT Resource from NPR for Kids (and Parents!)

Screenshots of some parts of the comic are included below. Check it out for yourself!

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
AW GirlScouts PSA - Environmental Sustainability in the Lunchroom

Dismissal Change -- IMPORTANT PARENT INFO!

Student safety is a major priority -- particularly at the end of the day. Because our teachers are busy working with students and not always available to check email, parent need to notify the school office with any changes in dismissal. This will help when subs are in as well.

Please email to awoffice@avoca37.org, or call (847)724-6800. If you'd like, you can include your child's teacher on the email, but notification will officially take place through the office. Many thanks for your help!

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