ENHS Staff Notes

February 15, 2016

Standards Based Grading

I wanted to call your attention to what was shared in Ann's Weekly Notes regarding Standards Based Grading. This is an important focus for the district and ENHS as we move forward. Last Monday, I shared the first two aspects of SBG that will become district policy starting in the third trimester. Let me remind you of the two policies:

1. Extra Credit and Bonus Points that are added to an overall grade, an assignment, or test will not be given to students.

2. Attendance and Participation Points that are added to a grade will not be given to students.

These are clearly defined policies that go into effect February 22, 2016.

Here's the section from Ann's notes that Becca wrote. It's worth another read:

Curriculum Notes - Grading Responsibility

I often hear teacher make comments like these:

“It is our job to teach students responsibility.”

“If I don’t grade it, then students won’t take it seriously.”

“If students show up without materials for class, it should affect their grade.”

“If we don’t teach student responsibility then we are not fully preparing them for a job or college.”

As educators, we have taken on the role of teaching students the “soft skills” necessary to be a productive students and citizens. However, there is a difference between teaching something and grading something. Do you get a grade for how well you cook or do laundry at home? If I did, then I would have an F! When you show up for a staff meeting without a pen, does it affect your teacher evaluation? Again, thank goodness that does not happen because I would have an F!

In life, acts of responsibility are not graded, yet we continue to add responsibility to our grade books for students. Now, I am sure that you can say that an employee that fails to show up to work will be fired. That is true. But then they are fired for an act of irresponsibility not because of their ability to perform a job. In schools, however, our students are not adults with the capacity for full maturity, yet we continue to treat them as such instead of helping them learn how to improve. We have moved to a punitive system- a system that if it truly worked would mean that we never have students who are late or forget to bring something to class.

Here is the problem with this practice. How does an employer or college know that a student with C in a science class know that the C is really a representation of student responsibility issues vs. an average level of knowledge on the topic. Simply put – THEY DON’T! Teachers, parents, colleges, and employers all look at that C and assume that the student does not have a good grasp on the science content. There is no way to determine that the C was gained for not bring a book or pencil to class. So, why do we continue to falsely report information about students?

If a grade is to truly represent student knowledge then it is time to find another way to report behaviors, effort, and responsibility. Join us on Thursday, February 18th at 3:30 in Room 612 at the HS to learn better ways to handle behavior, effort, and responsibility.

Final Exam Week Bell Schedule

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Greetings from the APC!

Updated Forms

Please make sure you have the most current referral form and tardy form on hand. If you are not sure what is the most current, please stop by the APC and we will get you a copy.


It has been a challenge for me to step back into the coaching world, especially when one of my players is my own 13 year-old daughter! This experience has made me thankful as it reminds me how much YOU pour into our students on a daily basis. As I teach and reteach the same skill of serving to one of my players, the fruits of my labor (that severely tested my patience on many occasions) finally paid off today as she rallied the team from a five point deficit to rip off 13 straight serves for the win! The look on her face and the pride she had in taking the win was priceless! Again, this reminds me of all of YOU as I walk through the halls and see you teaching our students. Thank you for working tirelessly with them so that they can achieve and have that same feeling of accomplishment! One thing I know for sure, is that kids are willing to play their heart out for you when you invest in them and don’t give up on them! Remember, you have four more days to help this group of students spread their wings!

Weekly Duty

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It has been a busy week in JAG. We started the week off with a discussion of the 8 Dimensions of Human Development. Students were given the opportunity to work together to explore individual dimensions, then present to the class what they learned. We also discussed the 40 Developmental Assets presented by the SEARCH Institute, and students were challenged to pick two Assets wherein they feel a lack, and to set goals for themselves to build in those areas. Next, we spent a day learning about Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs. After discussing the theory, students were asked to make connections to real life situations and determine how their understanding of this theory could affect their work and home life.

On Thursday and Friday we welcomed two different Guest Speakers into our classroom from the professional world. Mr. Rick Sherck, Executive Director of the Noble County EDC gave our students a great introduction to the opportunities that exist in Noble County for life beyond High School. Mr. Allen Baskett, CEO of the Auglaize Mercer County YMCA in Ohio came on Friday to share about his personal and professional development, and to shed light on what employers expect of employees, from the lowest entry level position all the way to the top. Students gathered information from each speaker, and were asked to record at least 3 "take aways", nuggets of wisdom they can carry with them.

Next week we will wrap up the Water for Flint drive we have been helping the Key Club with, and finals will begin. Tuesday and Wednesday students will be presenting on their "How Can You Make Difference" Community Service projects, and I will provide extra time for study and finals preparation.

Energy Audit Results

2/5 & 2/6 - 6 pm and 11 am

Building unoccupied – basketball Saturday evening.

HVAC appears to be working better. Most areas were cool – upper 50’s to mid 60’s – as they should be.

707 was 74 degrees

775 was 73

Wrestling room – 772 was 77

Lighting was appropriate for the weekend.

Very little found on throughout the building.

Science rooms had lights on for experiments which appeared appropriate

414 had several occupied power strips left on

Monitor on in 775

Lights on in upper girls locker room

Computer on in 853

5 keyboards, one piano and one set of speakers on in 859

Monitor and speakers on in 615

Exhaust fans on in office restrooms

Good audit overall!

Round Table Cafe Menu: February 19, 2016

Taco Salad Bar (chicken and beef)

Refried Beans

Cinnamon caramel churro cupcakes

For reservations: roundtablecafe@eastnoble.net

Upcoming Events


  • Edleader21 Conference - Columbus, OH, All Day (Steve)
  • Freshman Orientation - Auditorium, 6:30pm


  • Final Exams - Periods 2, 4
  • ENSC PD - SBG, HS Room 612, 3:30pm


  • Final Exams - Periods 1, 3, 5