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Our February Challenge

A special thanks goes to Nancy Harter of the Naiades Social Committee for providing direction and cheering us on. We had a very successful Naiades "February Challenge" with multiple rowers participating in a full spectrum of athletic activities including independent walks, yoga, snow shoveling, weightlifting, etc., along with group hikes in Durand Eastman and Turning Point Park! Working together towards fitness is certainly rewarding and awesome fun!

Several photos within this publication are compliments of Lisa Gresens Photography

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Keeping Up the Momentum

We won't drop the ball.....

Starting Tuesdays in March from 5:45-7:15pm, Indoor Erging & Core/Circuit Workouts at Genesee Waterways Center (GWC) will begin under the supervision and guidance of our coach Karen Morgan. The initial focus will be on functional strength training and improving core stability. A progressive program is planned.

If you're interested in joining the above program please email: for additional details, costs and with any of your questions. In addition, please note that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) vaccination recommendations would apply.

Also we hope to return on the water in late April. So stay tuned for more information.

Naiades Rowing Kinship with Our Community & Within the World:

On Saturday, Feb. 5th, Naiades Oncology Rowers rolled up their sleeves giving their time and efforts to participate with Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing (RCIR) in the Para Rowing Foundation of Boston's Endurow Challenge: The largest live streamed indoor erging event in the world for charity.

In total, we were part of approximately 1,000 people in 30 countries across 6 continents who participated in indoor rowing together for 4 hours to raise funds for @ParaRowingFoundation; directly helping people with impairments around the planet use para rowing to progress.

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Help Support the Fairport Crew Club Rowers:

On Saturday March 26th, at the Perinton Rec Center, Fairport Crew Rowers will collectively row 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo (equating to 584,192 meters) via indoor ergs.

Donations will go to helping financially support their rowers in grades 6 through 12, to support the Perinton Food Shelf, and to support the Willow Domestic Violence Center in honor of Julie Baker.

For a donation of $50 or more, you can row with the team for up to an hour, get some exercise, and hang out to cheer on other rowers as they pass landmarks on the Erie Canal! Event T-shirts are included with a $100 donation. Please go to: Row the Erie Canal Challenge - Fairport Crew Club for further contact information

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Ergometer Dashboard Refresher

It's easy to forget how to read an ergometer; and for those who are new to erging, the ergometer screen can be a bit too complex.

Dayton Kelly gives a quick refresher and sums up what numbers look for when doing an erg workout in his article called "How to Read the Erg Rowing Numbers":

Referring to the above ergometer screen example: "There are four main numbers: Your rate (top right corner), your distance (to the left directly above the thick black line), your split (the biggest number), and your time (top left corner). The rate value will tell your number of strokes per minute; the distance tells you how far you would have traveled over the course of your workout; the split gives you the time it would take you to row 500 meters and is your best measure of how fast you are going; and the time tells you how long you have been rowing."

Not all screens may look alike. Your screen view can depend on a number of factors such as the erg make, model, individual program selection, etc. Rufo Optimal Workouts (ROW) founded by Patrick Rufo also gives some more helpful screen examples on their website at:

This Month's Quote to Live By

by Julia Roberts, Actress:

"You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on your mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control."

How to Add More Tribute Names:

If you want to consider adding a loved ones name to our newest boat -- DRAGONFLY. Our Spirit Fund is accepting names of survivors, those who are in treatment, and those who a loved one wants to be remembered with every stroke our crew takes. Our application form with instruction is found here:

Browse Our Naiades Oncology Rowing Website & Facebook Page for Current and Future Information!

Learning to row is hard work, yet a rewarding and FUN sport! Take a look at our info below:

Why Come Row with Us??? because we are about:

  • Offering programs that appeal to individuals with all levels of rowing experience.
  • Rowing with others who have faced the challenges of cancer.
  • Having coaches who understand the uniqueness of our team and coach to our mission/goals.
  • You're setting and accomplishing your own personal and team goals.
  • Promoting an amazing and healing environment, leaving cancer behind one stroke at a time.
  • Getting involved in Regattas as a fun way to work together to get to the finish line demonstrating progress in recovery.
  • Offering accommodations for many post-treatment limitations.
  • The water is magical, healing and enchanting, releasing your mind to a bigger purpose within nature.

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