Portland Virtual Scholars - BHS

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What Is Virtual Scholars?

We are a blended online program that offers courses in:

  • Health
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Join your blended teachers as they bring technology to provide individual, small group, and whole class learning experiences to students of Portland Public!

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Why Virtual Scholars?

Do you ever wish you had some flexibility with your schedule? Virtual Scholars allows for that!

  • Advance to higher levels of courses
  • Improve your "D" from a previous year
  • Recover credits to get to graduation
  • Work on your course from home as well as at school

See your counselor TODAY to sign up!

Who can sign up?

Students who...

  • Want to try a blended online course
  • Want to take charge of their learning
  • Are motivated learners


Benefits Beyond High School

Online Learning prepares you for post-high school experiences.

You develop...
  • Self-direction and independence
  • Great time management
  • Excellent communication

Colleges and universities are moving to online learning in their programs!

Virtual Scholars with the Learning & Credit Options Department*

*Learning & Credit Options is also home of SLIP/STAMP, Latin & Health 1-2 Credit by Exam (CBE), and Portland Evening Scholars (PES)/Summer Scholars (SS).