Proving Angle Patterns

Step 1 Prove your lines are parallel

What is the definition of a parallel line?

How will we go about proving that the lines on your page are parallel?

Step 2 - Making transversals

Using a blue pen, Draw 4 lines (transversals) on the page that meet these

3 conditions.

A) The lines need to cross at least 2 parallel lines

B) The lines should not cross each other

C) The lines should be several different angles and different lengths

Step 3 - Labelling

Using a red Pen, label your lines A,B,C,D

Step 4 - Protractor Practice

A - Measure and note the measure of all angles created by transversal A

Step 8 - Share

Compare your work with your table and discuss the similarities in the patterns. Go to the google doc to share what patterns you see and what you've learned about angles and parallel lines