A Story Timeline - Computer History

Aspect of your choice

1. Visit the Computer History Museum and Choose from one of the following topics:

2. Investigate your topic locating images/photos to share your story - two links to visit:

3. Locate and save at least 10 images/photos about your topic

The images should move in a timeline order to tell your story

4. Create your story using the YouTube slideshow feature


Your Timeline Story should include:

  • Computer History timeline story using YouTube slideshow feature
  • YouTube link to completed story and channel turned in through Google Classroom Assignment Link: "A Story Timeline: Computer History"
  • 10 or more images chosen from Computer History Museum and Google Cultural Institute sharing the particular aspect of computer history in a timeline story
  • Story has a title sharing what the story is about
  • Each image in story has brief text explaining what it is
  • Effect/audio used to enhance story
  • Images cited to validate story (where did the images come from)


100 - All requirements (and more) are met.

95 - Missing one individual element for requirement

90 - Missing two individual elements for requirement

85 - Missing three individual elements for requirement

80 - Missing four individual elements for requirement

75 - Missing five individual elements for requirement

70 - Missing six individual elements for requirement

65 - Missing seven individual elements for requirement

60 - Some effort was given - turned in - but missing majority of story aspects and elements

50 - Very little effort give and/or story was not turned in