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MAP Testing

It is definitely showing that our students are 100 days smarter!!

Thank you for all of your hard work and patience with giving the MAP tests. The student growth is a true reflection of all of your hard work with instruction, meeting your students' needs, goal setting, technology, and so much more!

We will take a closer look at the MAP data during grade level meetings.

Videos on getting MAP reports on projected growth targets:

Lighthouse Visit to Rodgers Forge and Flexible Small Groups continued...

It was business as usual during our visit. Students were doing much of the same things we do here at JVE: using ActivInspire flipcharts to read articles to highlight and take notes with (4th grade Science); using EnVisions activities as student choice (5th grade math); guided reading and Daily 5 (1st grade ELA).


We talked in depth about different errors students might make

and the learner needs:

  1. Flawed reasoning
  2. Misconceptions
  3. Partial or lack of understanding

The idea is that students can be grouped in many ways for small group. But is it always enough to just group based on scores or not meeting the standard, OR could it sometimes be more effective to find out the reasons/learner needs (above) why students are scoring low or not showing mastery of a standard and group them that way? Thoughts?!

Here was the presentation for our meeting.

Speaking of flexible small group instruction...

During our April Grade Level Meetings, we will be taking a closer look into and reflecting on small group instruction THEN taking learning walks throughout the building with that being our focus.

Meetings Up Ahead:


Kindergarten: Wednesday, February 17th

1st: Friday, February 26th

2nd: Monday, February 29th

3rd: Thursday, February 25th

4th: Thursday, February 18th

5th: Friday, February 19th

Special Area: Wednesday, March 16th

**Agendas coming soon**


Monday, February 22nd


Monday, February 29th

-strongly suggested for MATH teachers (Vicki from the Math Office will be here)

-other choices TBA

Appy Hour: February 24th: Creative Response Tools

I usually don't have a focus for my Appy Hours, but I took a great online DLU class last night that focused on different digital tools for creative responses that include drawing, writing, & audio and video recordings.

I'm also happy to take suggestions, but thought these were some great tools to bump us up from Substituting tech to Redefining what we are doing with tech.

And I have a special treat for those who attend!

Don't forget the CLASSES offered by the Office of Digital Learning:

Here is a link to the list of classes for the Spring

and the Toolbox- probably my most favorite anything created by BCPS

Big image

I don't want to be PUSHY but...Outlook Calendar ME!!

I would still love opportunities to come into your classrooms and:

  1. co-teach
  2. coach technology integration
  3. pull small groups
  4. help with continuing to build learner-centered environments
  5. analyze data
  6. and many more

Use my Outlook calendar to see when I'm free OR come into my room and look at my paper calendar! If you don't have my Outlook calendar shared with you, let me know and we can get it set up!

I don't want to create more work, but I'm here if you are looking to seek out something new and adventurous and fun!

If you weren't at the faculty meeting to see Mike and Ali's presentation:

Don't Stop: Michael Fort's Band

Friday, April 15th, 9pm

63 East Padonia Road


We had a nice JVE crowd last Friday. Mark your calendars now for April 15th: Tax Day!


Hope everyone gets to enjoy a lovely, cozy 3-day weekend!