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Week 11 term 1 2016

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Thanks for a great term 1

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for the important work you have done during term 1 of 2016. As I travel around schools collaborating with school leadership teams the strength of commitment to having a positive impact on the lives of students is striking. This passion is evident in every reflective conversation, in every planning session and in every celebration of success.

It continues to be a privilege to be invited in to work with schools and school communities as you continue to focus on building our next generations of Australian and global citizens.

My focus this year has been on helping school communities (in particular school leaders) reflect, refine and target your strategic work. I have maintained a particular focus on the power of functional teams. Together we have explored ways the SEF, professional standards, professional growth planning and school plans can be brought together to help build even more effective functional teams. This is inspiring work.

Looking forward

Over the last week schools have been informed of their inclusion in the first full round of the SEF External Validation (EV) process. You have also been invited to nominate to be on an external validation team for 2016.

Next term PSLs will know which schools we will be supporting through the EV process and which schools they will be undertaking the EV process with. I have already been contacted by some schools and will be providing initial advice from early next term.

Milestone plans: As I have previously indicated in network days and other workshops I am encouraging schools to really concentrate on the development and refinement of your milestone plans - especially the evaluation component. If I can help you by coming and working with your team to look at your milestone plan and how it can link with things like the Annual Report, the EV process, teacher accreditation and/or PSPs - but particularly how it can support the achievement of improved student learning outcomes - I would love the opportunity to work with you.

My calendar for term 2 is filling up fast with bookings so please let me know if you or your learning community would like to work in the space.

Performance and Development plans: can I provide any support in this area? Are you, your executive or staff interested in further exploring goal setting, links with professional standards, and evidence of impact? Are you or your learning community or team interested in exploring further - aspects of reflective practice? Are you interested in collaborating with other schools? Can I be of any use or provide any support?

Are there any other areas of school leadership, professional growth or building communities of practice where I can be useful for you or your learning community?

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Looking ahead

In week 2 term 3 (25th July to 28th July) we are planning a series of four, one-day Symposia, to be held in different locations from the Tweed down to around Lismore. The focus of the Symposia will be on collaborating around what improvement strategies have worked. We will cater to both primary and secondary school interests. We want the day to be practical and interactive.

At this stage we are looking to have between 25 to 35 participants in each day long event. The Agenda for each day will be similar so interested schools can potentially minimise disruption to your school day by sending participants to Symposia on different days. We are inviting a number of school leaders and academics from Canada to participate in each of the events.

We are offering the Canadian visitors the opportunity to undertake a home-stay program so if you are interested in hosting a school leaders from Canada please let me know.

Stay tuned for further information during term 2. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions. If you would like to be involved in helping to run any of these events I would love to hear from you.

Feedback to David Silcock

Click on this link if you would like to provide any feedback or suggestions for 2016.

North Coast Initiative for School Improvement Website

Check out the new resources on the Resource Page. We now have three templates for teacher growth plans aligned to proficient, highly accomplished and lead.

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