Toronto Maple Leafs

By: Alex McEachern


Name- Toronto Maple Leafs

Location- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Region- Central Canada

Languages- English, French

Facts about Region- Cn Tower, Hockey Hall Of Fame, National Capital- Ottawa

Physical Features- Canadian Shield, Atlantic Basin, Farmland

Team Mascot

Name- Carlton the Bear

Nicknames for Team- Tomales (TOronto MAple LEafS)

How Does The Mascot/Nickname Connect To The Culture Of The Region?- Bears live in Canada and near Toronto


Est.- November 26, 1917

Founder- Conn Smythe

Why Did They Chose This Location?- Because Toronto was a big city.

Does This Mascot Connect To The History and How?- No.


Stadium Name- Air Canada Centre

Why Does This Stadium/Arena Have This Name?- The Maple Leafs are sponsored by Air Canada

Has This Stadium Ever Had Another Name? If so, what was it?- Arena Gardens.

Why Has There Been A Change In The Name Of The Stadium?- Because Air Canada became their sponsor