Brasilia, Brazil

Come visit the culturally diverse world of Brasilia!

Brasilia's Briliant Food Schedules

Come and taste one of the most delicious food in the country! But first, you need to know the food schedules. At Brasilia, breakfast is usually the lightest meal of the day. For example, you could get yogurt, toast, or even a milkshake for breakfast! Around the time it's lunch time, anybody who's anybody is pretty hungry. If you're one of these people, you're going to like this! Here lunch is commonly the largest meal of the day. So you could eat a whole 2 buffets! And finally, diner is served late. Most of the time at about 8:30 p.m. OH WAIT! One more thing Once you're here you will regularly see food stands. Food stands are stands that people put up to sell food, SO MAKE SURE TO BRING SOME EXTRA MONEY! You'll be needing lots and lots of food after your visit!

Let's Celebrate!

Look at all the holidays you can celebrate! Most Brazilian holidays are historic or religious (catholic). Did you know that most of Brazil's holidays are based on the Roman Catholic calendar? There are local festivals to reflect Brazil's mixed culture and heritage. And somewhere around Fall, there is a traditional holiday for some Brazilian's that is called Ash Wednesday. This is when these Brazilian's observe the catholic tradition of avoiding meat, and eating only fish. Share with people Brazil's culture, heritage, and holidays!!

Trending Tourism Areas

Wow. There are so many things to explore here! Many natural landmarks are seen by many tourists, They also enjoy going into Sao Paulo.One of the biggest buildings in Brazil! Some people love being active and going outside. If you're one of them, you could hike and climb Mt. Carcavador. And finally, tourist love coming into the Amazon rainforest to hike, and watch exotic animals. You will NEVER be bored here for all of the activities at Brazil.

Look! Landmarks!

Some of the most beautiful landmarks are located here. Don't believe me? take a look!! One of the most beautiful cities of South America is located right here. This city is called Sao Joao Del Rey. It is gorgeous because of its breathtaking natural resources. Ouro Preto (another city) is known for its beautiful architecture. There is this statue that is very important to most Brazilians. This statue is a statue of "Christo" or christ in english. But not only is the statue amazing because it's the tallest statue in the world, Its also amazing for the mountain it's built on. Mt. Corcovado is the tallest mountain in Brazil. This is the mountain that has the statue of christ on top of it. Be sure to bring a camera to take pictures of the most beautiful places!

Likable Language

Try to learn new things from Brazil's language! You probably already know this but, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. And english is very popular for a second language in Brazil. Many other languages are spoken in Brazil because of the mixed languages in portuguese. Such as, french, spanish, and much, much more. You'll learn a lot from our language during your visit!!

Crazy Climate!

Know what clothes to bring when you come visit! Brazil is usually thought of being a very warm country. And it's also pretty humid. But the combination of warm and humid make the weather very enjoyable for everyone. If you come here during the summer, make sure to bring an umbrella, because during summer, most of the time spent is raining. It rains for about two months in summer time. But even though it rains a lot, Brazil is still very dry. Lets take the north for example, It rains there a lot but its still the driest section in Brazil. Make sure to bring clothes that is suitable for this weather!

Please, Come and Visit Us!! :)