Pride and Prejudice

Marly Oliver

Scene in Modern Times

The Bennets are enjoying a wonderful breakfast when they hear a knock on their door. By surprise it is Mr. Collins the Bennets wealthy family acquaintance. Mr. Collins asked to speak to Elizabeth for a moment. Elizabeth begged her mom not to let him talk to her. She thinks he is weird and knows he wants to ask her on a date. She has no intention to agree but her mother is threatening to ground her if she does not. Mrs. Bennet lets Mr. Collins in and leads him to the kitchen. He proceeds to ask Elizabeth out but he is reading his words off a notecard. Elizabeth has never been so insulted before in her life. Mr. Collins then elxplains he was playing What Are The Odds with Lady Catherine and he lost. After hearing this Elizabeth refuses to be the butt of someone’s joke so she tears him a new one rejecting him and telling him that a guy like him could never make her happy.

Marly Oliver

English IV

Mrs. Dearman 4

13 November 2013

Character Analysis

Elizabeth views herself as an independent woman. She almost thinks she is better than everyone else because of her intelligence. Elizabeth is stubborn, prejudice and courageous; she even says so in the book. “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the wall of others; my courage always rises at the every attempt to intimidate me” (148). She is saying that she is not afraid of challenge but in fact enjoys one. The other characters in book believe otherwise.

Characters such as Mr. Darcy (in the beginning), the Bingleys, and even her mother at times thought of her ill-mannered and rebellious At first, Darcy thought she was average and beneath his social status. “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me…” (12).The Bingleys disapprove of where she came from and they think she acts like she was raised in barn, which she kind of was. Throughout the novel the Bingleys do not like that Elizabeth is “prim and proper” like a lady should be especially in good company. It may come as a surprise but Elizabeth does make a change over the course of the book.

When we are first introduced to Elizabeth Bennet she is witty, intellectual, and a bit prejudice. Since she is not wealthy she judges those who are, which is one reason she does not favor Darcy at first. Lizzy holds on to Darcy’s awful first impression until he proves to her he has changed. Near the end of the book Elizabeth learns to accept Darcy’s imperfections as well as her own. Through her experiences she learns to not judge or be so prideful. Elizabeth goes from independent, prejudice and according to other rebellious to accepting and loving.