Child Development

Types of Play

Physical Development

There are 2 types of physical development:

1. Fine motor-the movement and envelopment of the hands, wrists and ankles. An example of fine motor development would be a child learning how to write their name.

2. Gross motor or large motor-this area includes a child gaining control over the large muscles in their body. which includes: legs, trunk, shoulders and arms. An example would be learning to ride a bike.

Social Development

Social development includes learning how to interact with other people. Including learning how to have a conversation, share, take turns, follow rules and be a caring human being.
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Moral Development

Moral Development involves children learning right from wrong. Children learn how to follow rules and expectations, and eventually develop their own value code. An example of moral development would include a child taking a toy from another child and the adult reminding them that we don't take things that are not ours unless we ask first.

Intellectual Development

Intellectual development includes the young child learning skills and concepts. It often centers around basic subjects, counting, colors, early reading skills, nature etc. Playing a game of identifying colors would be an example of intellectual development.
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