Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 8-11

Strategy Spotlight

This week my goal was to help support in the area of summarizing - specifically using the Write Tools Jot Dots Fiction Summary strategy.

Some things to remember with Jot Dot Fiction Summary strategy:

* Using the "I do, We do, You do" format when starting to teach this strategy will help scaffold it for your students (and it's okay if you do a lot of "I do" and "We do's" before students attempt on their own!)

* The worksheet on page 330 in your Write Tools Informative/Explanatory binder is a great graphic organizer to use to break down the steps of writing a summary for a fiction piece.

* The three boxes at the top of the worksheet become the first sentence of your summary.

* The jot dots must follow the "Rule of 5" - can't use more than 5 words/jot dot.

* The jot dots are put in chronological order based on the events in the story.

* Have students do the "B" - Beginning and "E" - End jot dots BEFORE doing the middle events.

* Turn the jot dots into complete sentences to make a one paragraph summary of the story.

If you want an anchor chart or you want me to come model this with your students, just let me know! I'd be happy to come in and model it or co-teach it with you!

Next Week Strategy Spotlight=Continue with Summary Writing

Last Week

Last week I spent quite a bit of time at the primary for two reasons:

1. Barbara and I are putting 20 Walpole Kits together to get out to teachers in both the intermediate and primary buildings (hopefully by the end of next week). It takes approximately 1.25 hours to put together one kit. And while we've had help from parent volunteers and high school service learning students it is still an extremely time consuming task.

2. Modeling Walpole lessons - Barbara and I have teamed up to model and tape each other teaching Walpole lessons so these videos can be used by teachers at both the primary and intermediate. We taped several lessons in the primary building this week.

Most of the time this year I will be in the intermediate building but there will be some things that are going to require me to work in other buildings at times. I will always try and be as transparent as possible letting you know where I am at and what I am doing.

This Week

* With the shortened week last week, I hope to get into more classrooms this week and check in with every single teacher in the intermediate building.

* We will get into setting up progress monitoring and interventions

* Attend data team meetings Monday morning

* Meet with Jessica Quandahl and Barbara to continue our work on MTSS - getting a CPU site up where all resources and sample lessons will be located

* Continue updating old Walpole kits and putting together new kits (we hope to have all 20 done by Friday!)

* Assist teams and teachers looking closely at their instruction and resources/materials used during their 90 minute literacy block, small group reading, and intervention time

Don't Forget

If you are interested in having your very own teacher's webpage on the district website, respond to Dilyn McNeill's email I sent out last Friday to attend one of her instructional meetings on how to get one up and running!

If you haven't already, please set up your account with the New Teacher Center. An email went out several weeks ago that requires you to sign in and set up an account. I have to log all my interactions with teachers. Every time I log a meeting with you, you will get an email summarizing our interactions. I will be coming around this week to make sure everyone's account is set up!!

Coaching Corner

Thank you everyone for allowing Jessica Quandahl to come in for a quick Friday morning meeting during your precious planning time! We will discuss progress monitoring and interventions more during our Wednesday morning 7:45-8:15 staff meeting in Aaron's room.