What Makes the United States Great?

By: Brianna Huemmer

Travel With a U.S. Passport

When you get the privilege to have a passport you get to travel to amazing places that you have never been before. It is a great experience to visit new places because you get to learn about other peoples cultures and the way they live their lives.

Why should a person should become a United States Citizen?

You should become a U.S citizen but you get a passport. When you have a passport you get the opportunity to travel to many different countries. Another reason you should become a citizen is because we are kinda like a big family. Everyone is treated equal.

Something that has to happen to become a United States Citizen

To become a U.S. citizen you need to be able to speak English or take classes to be able to speak English. You also need to pass the U.S. citizenship test.

One benefit of the United States

A benefit of the United States is that you have freedom of speech, religion, and press. You are your own person to live a free and happy life.