Third Grade Warrior Newsletter

September Happenings

Our Learning Goals This Month:

Literacy Block:

This month we will become experts on narratives by reading multiple stories and understanding their structure. We will be able to describe the setting and how the characters affect the plot. Later in the month we will begin to write stories based on the characters we've met in our reading. In Fundations, we'll continue to build on last year's work as we strive to become stronger wordsmiths.

Social Studies:

How can we become effective citizens in our local community? This is the question we'll address this month. We'll learn how citizens work together in a democracy to solve real problems. We'll learn more about local government, the voting process, and develop group problem solving and communication skills.


This month's science unit focuses on weather and climate. We will be examining patterns in the weather and climate to predict future weather conditions. We will then apply our knowledge of climate and weather to study natural weather hazards (such as flooding or lightning strikes) and create designs that lessen the impact of those hazards.


Our year begins with fundamentals as we apply our knowledge of place value to 3 digit numbers. We'll use number line strategies to decompose numbers (take them apart and think about the value of their digits) as well as algorithms to estimate, add, and subtract. Nightly homework should focus on building speed of facts recall (fluency) to zoom through addition and subtraction levels in our new math facts program. Please play games as they are sent home to reinforce this critical understanding.

Do you have a future Jedi Master in the house?

This week, our school rolled out an at-home reading initiative called Book Wars. Our school has a goal to read 1 million minutes this year. We did the calculations and determined this means each child reads at least 15 minutes every day from September through May or 21 minutes a day if only reading school nights. Students have monthly calendars to track their minutes nightly and get parent initials below. The monthly sheets must be turned in at the end of each month. The many prize incentives are quite compelling (including two offers from Superintendent Wilcox). Ask your student about them. Students who meet the goal of reading 4,000 minutes during the year will be honored as Jedi Masters at a special pizza party. FYI: Stride Academy reading tests count towards minutes for 3rd graders. Thank you in advance for helping build strong readers for life. We'll be graphing our minutes on rocket ships with some parent volunteer support. Watch us soar!

Some pics from our new learning communities:

Get your game on!

Build your student's academic potential this year by using Stride Academy. It's on-line software purchased by our school system. Stride Academy is a great way to practice skills learned in the classroom and have fun too. Students earn coins and badges. Next month we'll recognize the top scoring 3rd graders in our newsletter and they'll have lunch with their teacher. If you forget their log-in codes and passwords, look on their blue planner cover page!

We need your help

Your teachers would love a little help to make this year a great one. Please let us know if you can spend one hour a week in the class room. We need people to tally monthly book incentive sheets, manage facts games, help with classroom library book sign outs, and special projects. Please jot a note in your child's planner or email your classroom teacher to let them know your availability.