Great job wrapping up STAAR testing this week! As we gear up for a fantastic last few weeks of school, we also know that students are ready for summer break and we are too!

Thank you for continuing to keep expectations high -- for ourselves and our students.

Congratulations! Drum roll............welcome to our new folks: Jenna McGrath - 6th Grade, and Sonja Helton - 6th Grade! Yay---welcome back Sonja! Jenny McDonnell - Kindergarten, Lisa Crabtree - 2nd grade and Alex Christakos - 2nd grade! More news to come regarding the Kindergarten opening! Let's give these ladies a big warm welcome- Chandler style!!

Reminder: Please remember to use the crosswalk in the mornings and afternoon. We insist that our parents use the crosswalk, so we need to also lead by example.


Monday, May 16th: Bicycle Freestyle 1:30-2:10 parking lot near gym (students to sit on sidewalk and under pavillion.

Tuesday, May 17th:4th Grade to the rodeo, PTA Meeting 7:00 p.m., WatchDOG James White (Hannah, Olivia)

Wednesday, May 18th: WatchDOG Harry Myers (Conor) 3rd Grade to the zoo, Brandon's diaper shower

Thursday, May 19th: WatchDOG Mr. McCoy (Drew, Bryan, Matt) Camp Gladiator in the office workroom - 10:45-12:45, 6th Grade band concert 7:00 p.m. Lowery Center, Meghan's baby shower 3:15

Friday, May 20th: WatchDOG Brett Phillips (Avery, Carter, Emerson) Day of Drumming, Cheetah Champion Breakfast, Texas Revolution Game

Saturday, May 21st: Relay for Life

Monday, May 23rd: 6th Grade Staff Kickball 9:00, WatchDOG Mr. Willard (Vaughan, Jack, Clive)

Tuesday, May 24th: 4th and 6th Grade science assessments,

Wednesday, May 25th: End of year faculty meeting party

Thursday, May 26th: Author visit - 8:15-9:00 3rd/4th grade, 9:15-10:15 5th/6th grade in the cafeteria

Friday, May 27th: Field Day K-2 9:00-11:00, 3-6 12:00-2:00

Monday, May 30th: Holiday

Tuesday, May 31st: K-5 Awards

Wednesday, June 1st: K-5 End of year parties

Thursday, June 2nd: Last day of school, 6th Grade awards assembly 8:15, 6th Grade End of year party, 6th grade Walk of fame 2:45


Chuckle, smile, breathe!
Baby elephant throwing a tantrum


You will receive the end of year awards information in an email shortly.