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January 29, 2016

Important Dates

MONDAY February 1 - Homework Packet Due

FRIDAY February 5 - Chapter 9 Test AND Study Island Assignment

Study Island

All students have a Study Island assignment to complete by FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5. If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact Mr. Turan ASAP.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Chapter 9 Word Problems

Please understand that even though we are now on Chapter 9: Bar Models for Multiplication and Division, we are NOT focusing on bar models. We are strictly focusing on word problems - how to solve 1 and 2 step problems, how to identify whether you add/subtract/multiply/divide in such word problems, and how to show our thinking using a variety of models/pictures/etc. Bar Models are extremely difficult and can be troublesome for students. With that being said, my expectations for this chapter is not that students conform to the bar model strategy when solving word problems, but that they know the proper steps for solving the problem and how to arrive at the correct answer.

I truly believe that the students should be able to show their thinking when solving word problems in whichever way he/she feels comfortable. On the homework, whenever it asks for a bar model to be drawn with the problem, students may draw whatever he/she wants to draw that will help them solve the problem. BAR MODELS ARE NOT NECESSARY.

Thank you for your continued support. We are working hard on these multi-step problems in class!

Does McDonalds Sell Cheeseburgers

Division Strategies

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Check out this website for lots of links for Elementary Math:

Redbird (Old EPGY)

Redbird Advanced Learning is available to our students in K through 5th grade. It is a program students may use to practice Math. Please use your FSAConnect username and password to reach Redbird. This year we have created the same username and the same password for all online resources so that you don't need to memorize different passwords.

Click here to access Redbird Advanced Learning.