Iditarod Siberian Huskys

By: Gabby B, Jack L, Julia D Pd:1/5 Date: 3/11/15

Used Today

  • Siberia- origination
  • Relates to alaskan malamute
  • American Eskimo Dog- relates
  • Samoyed-relates
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People's Opinions

  • Owners need patience and tolerance for training and teaching
  • Not exersized will become restless
  • People think of them as trained athletes, family pets, and friends
  • Show signs of leadership through puppyhood
  • Must pace dog before they race
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Why Their Qualified To Be Sled Dogs

  • playful and good athletes
  • alert and strong
  • honest and quick-tempered
  • always want to be active
  • thick coats are helpful in cold conditions
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  • Graceful/quick
  • nor watch dog or guard dog
  • think, soft, double coated
  • colors-gray, tan, black, and with white markings
  • weight is 35-60 pounds
  • 20-23 inches tall
  • honest, curious,hardworking, friendly, and have a positive attidute , hardly driven, and good atheletes
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Interesting Facts

  • Most dogs dont want to lead
  • Tails are upturned
  • Generates or pulling sleds
  • Served as sled dogs
  • Muscular
  • Left alone they will become destructive
  • must be vaccinated before a race
  • have to be drug tested to make sure their are no cheaters

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