Using Digital Media

Technology is part of every day life!

I love using different digital media!

As a teacher, I try my best encourage the use of different media to present learning and share information. My favorite media are Facebook, Twitter, Smore, and email. I spend a lot of time on my laptop at work and my Ipad mini at home.

Technology in the classroom

I rely on technology to teach my students. Each day I access the WEB for Youtube videos, SMARTboard activities, digital magazines, etc. to enhance student learning.

I also rely on email and blogging to provide students and parents information about homework, upcoming assessments, and school events.

My Favorites

Time Spent

In the classroom, I access digital media for 3 periods each day, minimum, and I am checking my work email around 6 times a day.

At home, my Ipod serves as my alarm clock, I access my personal email, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, as well as read the news and play games on my Ipad for an average of 1.5 hours each day. I also use my smart phone to text my family and friends, check Twitter, and check my email!