Belgium Tour

By: Kevin Swingle


The Kingdom of Belgium is located in the northwest portion of Europe. Belgium is also a founding member of the European Union. This country is associated with Belgian waffles but I will take you beyond that association.
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Belgian Geography

Brussels is the largest city in Belgium with a population of 1.2 million people. It is the largest and capital city in Belgium. The Ardennes are a long patch of mountains that go from Luxembourg to Belgium then France and finally Germany. The Flemish region of Belgium holds 59% of Belgium's population.

Belgian Government

Belgium has two types of government a parliamentary Democracy under a constitutional monarchy.

Belgian Economy

Belgium's currency is the euro. Belgium exports semi-finished goods so that they can be finished and re-exported. Belgium is a heavy industry place which takes 74.9% of GDP while agriculture only takes up 1% of GDP.

Belgium's Ethnic Group

There are two main ethnic groups Dutch and French. Dutch is the majority and takes up 59% of the population. French takes up 41%of the population.

Belgian language, religion and Flag

The main languages are Dutch, French, and German. This is because they are the neighbors of Belgium. The main religion is christianity. The flag has changed over many wars and centuries. The red in the flag means bravery and strength. The yellow means generosity. The black represents determination. The surprising thing is is that this flag is rarely seen
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