Fluids in People and Cars

By: Akshita Bajaj

The Role of Fluids

Fluids play an essential role in the proper function and performance of many machines. Two of them are the human body and the automobile. Both of these machines consist several systems that work together to produce life and movement. The role of fluids in people and cars is similar because they both clean, breath and cool.


In cars there are light bulbs that use Xenon gas to help you see the road better in bad weather conditions. And there is windshield wiper fluid. This fluid helps clean dirt off the window so that the driver can see better. In humans tears are used to clean away dirt and debris from the surface of the eye.


In a car there is an engine breather system. It is a filtered opening in one of the valve covers and allows the PCV to draw filtered air through the crankcase. If air does not pass through, subsequent build up can cause engine oil leaks which will damage the car. In humans there is a respiratory system which allows us to breath. If for any reason something goes wrong or something gets clogged in our lungs, we will not be able to breath. And if that happens our body will be tremendously damaged.


In a car, a cooling fan is used to help the car parts to cool down, by passing air through fans. Also there is a engine coolant fluid that helps the engine cool down by absorbing heat from the engine and venting it out of the car. In a human sweat is used for cooling. Sweat absorbs heat and releases it through the body, helping us to maintain the body temperature needed.


To conclude, this shows that cars and humans have a lot in common because of fluids. And without fluids no humans or cars will be able to function or live. Fluids play a very important role in our lives.