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April Recognition

So long March!!

As you probably read in Carrie's email message, this first quarter was a tough one across the retail industry. However, that didn't stop 18 of us from earning the new Summer Collection at a discount! See below for all of the earners!

So now April is here, the flowers are coming out and people are venturing out again. They also are dying to pack away those sweaters and boots so it's the perfect time to help them update their Spring/Summer wardrobe with some cute accessories! So go through those contacts and reach out to book those shows. Share the cute Summer Video via email and then call them to follow up!

The fortune is in the follow up... if we just stick to texts, emails and Facebook messages we will never fill our calendar. So pick up the phone. And as I type this I am getting nervous about making those calls. I think we all do.. which is why many of us try to rely on technology to book rather than using our voices to make that actual connection and let them HEAR our excitement about the collection and the opportunity for that matter! At some point, just like teenagers, we lost the will or is it the energy, to pick up the phone. Now, I know it's because no one likes to hear the word no. But we just have to remember that it's not personal... maybe they just aren't that into Stella & Dot (clearly they may be crazy) or genuinely don't have time "right now". So just move on to the next person on your list.

I am issuing a challenge. To myself, and to all of you ladies... Let's put on our #girlboss faces on and make 25 calls next week. That's 5 a day. Now, here's the challenge. Record a video of yourself making those calls. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly those first ones. Then post a snippet on our FB page. I am already kicking myself for issuing this challenge because it means I have to do it and I expect you all to hound me about it. (imagine scared face emoji here)

So let's do it. Spend some time this weekend working up your list and sending emails out to people to warm them up. Then start making your calls Monday - Friday (or tomorrow if you are ready to get to it) and post those videos.

Good luck Ladies (and remember to hound me about my own calls!)



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Congrats to These Amazing Ladies for Earning Their...

Want an even bigger discount?

Promote to STAR and have the opportunity to double that discount with the $1000 for $199 Style Fix! I have earned this several times now and it is nice to not to have to agonize as much over my list when the new line comes out. With Hoopla coming, I would love to help you ladies walk across that stage as a STAR (the $500 bonus is pretty nice too) so lets work together and get you there! I have a plan and will be sharing it shortly! But to get started on the path to STAR, share the opportunity and this incredible new stylist special.
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April First Five to $500 by the 5th Get $5!!

It's a new month so it's time for our monthly caffeine fix challenge! How do you do it? Sell $500 by the end of the day on March 5th and you will earn a gift card for your next Latte on me! My Starbucks regular order? Tall, Non-Fat, 2 pump, Chai Latte! What's yours?

Who's Going to be Extraordinary?

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Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor

I'm here to help you reach your personal goals, so reach out to me for any questions you might have! If you want to set up a weekly check-in & coaching call, let me know! We can work together to help you take your business to the next level!!