Team Beauty Bulletin

May 2015

Is Your Business in Bloom?

What is the next step for growing your Avon business? Is it hosting a Fundraiser to help out a favorite cause while increasing your income? Starting your very own Avon Team to be able to enjoy residual income? How about achieving one of the President's Recognition Program sales levels in order to receive guaranteed 40% earnings on all of your core products?

Whatever you're plan is for taking your Avon business to the next level, be sure to start planting the appropriate seeds now in order to educate yourself on the steps necessary to cultivate your plan effectively.

Consider Branching Out...

Have you ever thought about Avon's Premiere Earnings Opportunity: Leadership? What is Leadership about anyway? Well, it all starts with recruiting.

Share your love of Avon by inviting others to join your team.

Show your team how to earn through personal and team sales.

Inspire your team to share their beautiful story with others.

When you're in Sales Leadership, the earnings and rewards available to you are amazing. As you grow in your Sales Leadership title, your earnings grow! Check out the latest incentive programs at to see how you can maximize your earnings and rewards when you grow your team.

How to Build a Colorful Team

Who would make a great business partner for you? Well, who do you know that:
1. You like working with
2. Has had their work hours reduced or has been recently laid off
3. Is a stay-at-home parent
4. Is an empty-nester
5. Just made a big change to their appearance such as a new hairdo or recent weight loss
6. Is recently divorced, engaged or married
7. Is pregnant or just had a child
8. Is always raising money for something
9. Loves make-up
10. Has a wonderful giving personality and loves helping people
11. Is a go-getter
12. Has a positive attitude about life
13. Can always be counted on to help you
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What seeds are you planting to grow your beautiful Avon business?

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