Beasley Weekly Bulletin


Staff Parking Lot Needed 04/05/2016

We are asking if our Beasley staff would park in a different location on Tuesday, April 5th. Our PE team is hosting a "Rope/Hoops Program" for students in the morning. Please see Ms. Williams, PE if you have any additional questions about scheduling.

CTU Reimbursements

Please see Mrs. Simpson, Internal Accounts Clerk if you have not received your $250 stipend for instructional supplies. We are trying to balance out these lines in our budgets.

Student Uniform Policy

Letters went home to students today who were observed not wearing the appropriate student uniform. The students were asked to contact their parents for them to bring the correct uniform. Students will serve a 1 hour detention when they fail to wear the correct uniform. It is at teacher's discretion if you will allow students to make up the missing assignment within the detention hour.

Cell Phone Policy

A Robo-call and a Principal's Newsletter went home about the cell phone policy. Cell phones are not to be seen nor heard during the instructional hours. After meeting with parents with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) it was stated that students had cell phones for safety because many of the parents work and rely on the students to contact them to make sure they made it to and from school safely. We discourage any videotaping of students or staff of any kind. Please be mindful of this point.

Beasley Open House for Prospective New Parents 04/08/2016

Beasley will host a Open House for prospective new parents on Friday, April 8th, 2016 from 9:00 am to 11:0 am. Because schools are a business, it is important to market Beasley to prospective new parents to be impressed by our educational institution and who will also bring students that will compliment our school culture and climate.

We hope that the added features to our academic programming will promote better results. They are as follows:

1. Added technology in the gifted classrooms (Promethean Boards).

2. Double periods of specialized math instruction 6th-8th grade for Algebra 1 H.S. credit.

3. Argument-Centered Literacy emphasizing the skill of argumentative debate.

4. Emphasis on Algebra/Geometry in grades K-8th.

5. Social Emotional Learning Programs (Second Step and SS Grin)

6. Competitive Sports Athletics Program

7. Social Justice Themes with our partner with Children's International Film Festival.

8. Creative Arts to include culinary cooking with our partner with the Kitchen Community Program.

9. Beasley Creed, Beasley Bottom Line, Beasley Core Values and Expectations.

10. Data Driven approaches with highly functioning Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) i.e. Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), Behavioral Health Team (BHT) and etc.

11. Dean and Disciplinarian with Time/Out Location

School Improvement Day

School Improvement Day is scheduled for Friday, April 8, 2016 and is a non-attendance day for students.

Spring Picture Day

Potter Photography will host Picture Day on April 5 and 6th. Schedules are forth coming today.

Have a Great Work Week!