Types of Nonfiction

Second Six Weeks--7th Grade Reading

Audiences and Purposes

Forms of Nonfiction

Nonfiction is about real ________________, __________________, _______________,

and _____________________.

The two _________________________of nonfiction are literary nonfiction and

informational texts.

Literary Nonfiction

Diaries, Journals and Letters contain _________________________ and __________________.

Biographies and autobiographies are ______________________________. A biography

is written by _____________________. An autobiography is a writer's account of


Essays and Articles: They may be EITHER Literary Nonfiction or Informationa Text

Essays tend to attract readers looking for ______________________ as well as for

__________________. I might find an essay in some ____________________________, and in

____________________________________. Articles attract readers looking for

________________. I would find articles in ___________________,

________________________________, and ________________________________.

Essays and articles may contain:

Reflection: the writer's ____________________ about an event's _______________________.

Humor: observations that are meant to _________________ and evoke ________________.

It can also be used to present _____________________________________.

Narration: stories about ____________________________________.

Description: use of _____________________, ____________________, and

______________________________ that appeals to the five _____________________.

Essay or Article?

An essay is a _____________-sized prose discussion of __________________ that

sometimes tells you as much about the ______________as it does about the


An article is a ______________ prose composition that focuses on the ______________ of

the subject.

Informational Texts

Media accounts: written for ______________________, _______________________,

__________ or ______________.

Expository Essay: presents _____________, discusses __________________, or explains a


Persuasive Essay: meant to _____________________ the reader to adopt a particular

______________________ or take a particular ________________________.

Procedural Essay: gives _________________________ on how to complete a ____________,

solve a __________________, or perform a ______________________.

Analytical Writing: breaks a large ____________ into parts to help the __________________

see how they work _______________________ as a __________________.

Elements of Nonfiction: Organization

Chronological: presents details in _____________________, from __________________ or

sometimes _________________________.

Comparison/ Contrast: shows the ways which 2 or more _________________ are similar

and ____________________.

Cause and Effect: shows the _________________________ among _____________________.

Problem and Solution: identifies a _________________ and then proposes a


Elements of Nonfiction: Author's Purpose

The info presented in nonfiction is related to the _________________ reason for

_________________. Writers often produce nonfiction to __________________, to

________________, or to _____________________