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Lewis & Clark Expodition

Lewis and Clark: The Journey Begins

Lewis & Clark have been invited to explore the unchartted west by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wanted to explore the land because using the mississippi river its easier travel. Jefferson also thought that they could learn about new caulture and language. Lewis & Clark were granted $2500 to use for the expodition. They called there group The Corps of Discovery.

Meet the Team

meriwether lewis-he was asked by his friend thomas jefferson to lead the expodition.

william clark-was invited by lewis to be co-captian.

sacagawea- youg shoeshone indian girl helping Lewis & Clark by translating

toussaint charbonneau-canadian fur trader who was used as an interpreterer

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Meeting Shahone indians-augst 13, 1805

august 13, 1805

we had met a group of men on fine horses.they were nice men whom gave us gifts.these men had also given us some land.