Chase Favalon

Character is who the people are and what characteristics they have

  • Brian Robeson
  • Brian is a thirteen year old boy from New York city. He is the main character in this book and faces many challenges such as hunting, fishing, finding place to camp, fighting cold nights, ect.
  • Brian's plane crashes when his pilot has a heart attack. Brian tries to fly the plane but fails.
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Setting is when, where, what time the story took place

  • The author never really specifically says when and where Hatchet takes place but it is presumed to be in the 1918's
  • He is in the woods fighting life or death the hole time.
  • He finds camp near a river where he builds a tent out of sticks and rocks


Plot is the beginning, middle and end. And the rising action, climax and falling action

  • In the beginning of the book Brian goes to the airport for a flying lesson. Once they are in the air the pilot has a heart attack before is able to teach Brian how to fly.
  • The rising action is when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes
  • The climax is when now Brian is in the middle of the woods all alone except for wild animals.
  • The falling action is in the end when a helicopter flys over at night and Brian has to create a smoke signal for them to see him.

Theme is the moral message of the story

The theme in Hatchet I think is to always be prepaid because you never know what is gonna happen. The situation would have been a lot easier if the plane had a safety kit on it and tools and food.
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If The plane had one of those bags he would have gotten out of the woods a lot safer


Mood is the feelings of the author. How the author feels about what's happening

Tone is the feelings of the readers. How the readers feel about what's happening

  • The mood of the story is suspenseful
  • The tone of the story is mysterious, like what's gonna happen next
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Point of view

Point of view is where the story is coming from

Hatchet was written in the third person. Uses such words as he, she, it, and they.