Social Development Characteristics

Of Middle School Students

The most significant facts

Students of this age are very concerned with their social inreaction with peers.  This influnces their descision making even if it is not postive.  They often distance themselves from adult athority figures relying more on their peer group.

develpomental needs

The students need postive interaction from adults

New information

Teacher often compete with other adults for the influnce and attention of the students.How important social groups such as teams and clubs are in the students growth. 

What I do

My class requires students to work in groups of 2, the groups rotate so they have different partners.  So at the begining of the semester we do a lot of team building activities, so that they can get to know each otherThis often leds to interactions of students outside the realm of the activity. 

Aligning Pratices

Allowing students to work together during class, Thinking about begining a CTSO club