Walt Disney

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About Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney, also known as Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. In school Disney would often fall asleep in class, perform poorly or just not pay attention. Many think this is because of the work his father put him though or the fact that he was constantly repeating grades and being pulled out of school. Some suggest that he could've had ADHD but there is nothing to support this theory. Although we are not sure which theory proves correct, we do know that he never got any more than an eighth grade education. Despite his lack of formal education, Disney never stopped learning: reading, teaching himself animation, tirelessly experimenting and working to improve his craft.

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That's the real trouble with the world,to many people growing up.

-Walt Disney

Everyone falls falls. Getting back up is how you learn to walk.

-Walt Disney

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Many people think of Disney and are reminded of creativity and imagination, but it wasn't like that for everyone. Disney was turned away by people because he "wasn't creative enough", just look at him now! Disney also had a lot of business setbacks, financially and emotionally. Aside from Disney's setbacks he was successful and in the late 1940s, Disney began working on idea for a children's theme park that he would spend the next five years developing. Funding proved to be difficult but he found new ways; fundraising, broadcasting and in 1955 Disneyland finally opened. At age sixty five Disney passed away in Burbank, California on December 15,1966. There's a lot of Rumors that Disney was chronologically frozen, but the first chronological frozen body was a month after Disney had died, there are also records of his cremation. Disney faced hardship but always overcame them and to this day has made a huge impact on our world.
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