New Deal

Alexis Gutierrez

New Deal

The New Deal was President Roosevelt's way of fixing things during the great depression. They used the 3 r's, relief, recovery, and reform.


For relief they wanted to help the unemployment rate which were made of poor people who couldn't afford to feed their families. Because of Alphabet Agencies there were more jobs that were available and a pay that was helped bring food to the tables. They had jobs in constructions due to rebuilding.


In order to help the economy overcome the depression they made more youth in schools to help more kids get an education because at a young age they were sent to work to hep keep food on the table and pay some bills. They limited farm production and increase th enriches in crops in order to make more money.


to help fix the causes of the great depression they made sure that the federal government would help some things in economics and play a bigger role. They help set regulations. For example there was banking and finance in which congress made the Glass-Stegall Act of 1933 that established the FDIC. This reassured the people that their money was safe and helped people trust the bank.