Jennifer Lopez

By: Raven Price

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Jennifer Lopez is known for acting in many movies and shows. She is also known for her beautiful singing and extraordinary dancing.
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How she became successful

* Jennifer could sing many types of music.

* she did many activities like... Dance, jazz, piano, and theater.

* Jennifer was unseccsessful many times but she never gave up.

Interesting facts about J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez was born on July,24,1970.
After graduating Jennifer decides to become a dancer.
After dancing she decides to act.
In 1998 she gets an ALMA award for best actress for he movie about Sekena Perez.
In 2001 her album J.LO reaches #1 on the billboard.

A life lesson that I learned from Jennifer Lopez is...

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Credits to: Anne E. Hill for her biography "Jennifer Lopez"
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