By August Say


An iPhone is a mobile phone or smart phone that is used to appile peoples needs. It was invented by Apple Inc. The iphone was made 2007. The person who invented this is Steve jobs. They invented the iphone because they wanted to invent something that could be something from the future and to make everyone happy.

Changes over the years

Iphone - Iphone 2 - iphone 3 - iphone 3 - iphone 4 - iphone 4s - iphone 5 - iphone 5s n 5c - ipone 6 - ipone 6s n 6+

Cool facts about the iphone !!!!!

1 : There are iphones intest everyone to buy them

2: Their are more things you can do on the iphone now

3: There are 8 years of iphone fun in total!!


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The craetor of iphone