Do you want a hypocrite in office?

If so, vote for Thomas Jefferson!

Why is Jefferson a hypocrite?

To the naked eye, Thomas Jefferson seems to be a wonderful American man with American beliefs. However, this man is immoral and a hypocrite! Thomas Jefferson claims to agree with slavery and owns slaves, however he fraternizes with a slave woman, producing children out of wedlock, saying that he loves her! Not only has he broken a promise of marriage, but he shows that he is a hypocrite: how can he love someone but be her master as well? Why would he not free her and the rest of his slaves? Additionally, if he is immoral in one way, who is to say he is not immoral in many others? Do you really want an immoral man representing the United States?

Why are Jefferson's political views wrong?

In history, a weak central government has only led to choas within America. Without the structure this country needs, the people become afraid and lash out into rebellion. With a strong central government, the country is given purpose and the people are given a voice. Why would one repeat history when it has proven to be worthless. With few, educated people representing the majority, informed decisions for the betterment of the country will be put into play.

Our president reflects on us as a country!

The Federalist Party will make America great!

What the Federalist Party stands for:

  • The Federalist Party believes that the central government should be strong, have the respect of foreign countries, and have a solid unity within the states.
  • The Federalist Party believes in economic developement within the country.
  • A strong, industrialized country is the goal of the Federalist Party.
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