chief keef


chicago rapper

His real name is keith cozart.

He is the ceo of his own rap label gloory boyz entertainment

He dropped his first mixtape when he was 15.

He has two syblings.

More facts

Keith cozart was born on august 15 1995.Chief keef (keith cozart) is from chicago illonis. He started making most of his money while he was on house arrest. During his early career he signed with interscope records later he signed with 1017 brick sqaud.

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chief keef

Some people look at chief keef as a bad person. chief keef is not a bad person he is just tryna express his self. In chief keef music if u really listen to it its a inspiration and he is talking about the bad things that happen in chicago.
Chief Keef Performs His Hits At The TLA In Philly (09/22/14)