[Adamantium] One Last Time

Because today, EVERYTHING changes :)

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Just a Thought| Passing the Baton

Have you ever wondered about the fact that it is extremely odd for any Organization to completely change it's senior leadership every year, and still sustain operations for over 60 Years, Globally?

Read this article: http://www.worldblu.com/awardee-profiles/2012.php & you'll see that AIESEC has been voted as one the most democratic workplaces in the world, for the very fact that it changes it senior leadership body every year, including executive board & presidential positions, making among the most decentralized organizations in the world.

And I think the beauty of that is the fact that the Vision of AIESEC, which is Peace & Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential becomes a Legacy that generations of young people strive to fulfill, because of the democratic nature about the way we work & the generations of Leaders that AIESEC creates.

And that,Adamantium is the beauty of today : 18th of December 2014, because this is the Day when we, Udaan: the Executive Board of 2014 pass the baton of carrying forward the Vision of AIESEC onto the Executive Board of 2015.

It is also the day when we hand over this Local Chapter onto those brave/lucky individuals.

Savour the moment, no pressure ya :)

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Executive Board Announcements

Before we move into EB Announcements, I truly want to leave a message for you all- Keep an Open Mind. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst :)

I have experienced 2 EB Announcements in my AIESEC Journey, and I clearly remember the feeling of being rejected as I stood for the post of VP TM for the Year 2013.

On the other hand,I also remember the feeling of victory as I won the position of VP TM for the Year of 2014.

But what truly defined who I was, was the journey between that 1 failure & that 1 success.

It really takes a lot of guts to apply for an Executive Board Position. It takes even more to continue in AIESEC after losing.

Envision the next 365 Days before you move into Announcements, because it never hurts to be prepared. Beleive in yourself & the promises you made to Pratik & Apurva in your EB Interview. Stand strong when you do & leave the rest on God/Pratik ;)

Feel free to talk to me more regarding this tomorrow if you wish, I am in the mood to share :)

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Talk to Us :)

This is a very interesting time for everyone, and more so for Udaan, because most of us have given more than a Year to AIESEC, and have reached a phase where we would be bidding goodbye to this Local Committee forever.

I encourage you to pick up your phone to give a call to any VP who you want to talk to, about anything under the sun. Because after 31st December we will officially end our terms as Portfolio Heads.

Write us a senti email expressing your love, whatsapp us how you feel, even vent out your frustrations whether you get on/do not get onto the EB- it's all okay. We are there to hear you out :)

Final Last Words | Web WhiteBoard

is there anything that you wish to express to the Team?

Is there any message that you wish to express to Udaan before the big day?

Visit :http://webwhiteboard.com#mrjxrxzw from your browser & feel free to write your thoughts or draw a nice picture for us all :)

This is my message for you:

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On that Note, Udaan wishes you the Best of Luck for today:) #liveinthemoment #believeinthepossibilities :')