Freudian Perspective Guidelines

By: Jennifer Leiva

Biography of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was a psychologist who was famous for his theories and beliefs. He was famous for psychoanalysis which was when a patient and the psychoanalyst to treat them. Instead of using drugs they would use this method which was a clinical version of treatment and it's still used today. He lived in London but was born in Pribor Czech Republic.


Not accepting or admitting the painful truth

Ex: The boyfriend refuses that his GF is

playing him b/c he loves her! :(


Blaming our flaws/ problems on someone else!

Ex: Not studying for a test & failing it then blaming the teacher for sucking at their job!
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It’s a mature type of mechanism where socially unacceptable impulses are transformed into socially acceptable actions or behavior.

Ex: I am angry so I chop wood, and I end up with firewood, more fitter and nobody is harmed.

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Trying to undo an unhealthy, destructive or otherwise threatening thought or action by doing something good.

Ex: thinking about slapping someone because they're annoying but instead you act nice and ignore them.

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Reverting to an older, less mature way of handling stresses and feelings.

Ex: You and your mom get into an argument so you stomp off into your room and cry.
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Remembering certain memories but not every detail from that memory.

EX: Remembering a teachers shirt but not being able to remember the design or exact detail/ pattern on it.

Reaction Formation

Acting totally different than what you mean to.

EX: You see someone get bullied you think your gonna help them instead you help the people bully.


Taking out an impulse with someone or something different.

EX: Couple begins to fight the mom gets mad and the baby is crying so she hits the baby and neglects it because shes mad at the husband.

Defense Mechanisms In Movie Clips

Psychosexual development

5 stages of development

Oral Stage ( Birth-18 months)

Infants interact based on their mouths they receive pleasure from oral activities such as tasting and sucking on toys...

Ex: trying lemon for the first time

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Anal Stage ( 1-3 years)

Anus (elimination), until now the baby has had it easy. The baby is in control of its bowel movement. Freud believes baby sexual pleasure is centered around the anus at this time.

EX: Toilet Training

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Phallic Stage (3.5- 6 years)

Freud believed that they become more curious at this time and begin wondering the differences between sexes and the attraction between them.

EX: Why is she a girl, and I'm a boy?

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Latency Stage (6-puberty)

Sexual aggressiveness gets less active and there is little in the way of psycho-sexual conflict.
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Genital Stage (Puberty on)

Physically focused on maturity and creation and enhancement of life not only focusing on creating new life but artistic and intellectual creativity.
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Id: The pleasure Principle

It's not having an instinct you do things without thinking about the consequences you just react to the situation.

EX: your a baby and you get hungry and you want food so you begin crying begging for food you don't care what you do you just want it now no matter what and you'll stop until you get it.


  • unorganized
  • demanding and insistent
  • illogical
  • lacks morals
  • instinctual

The Ego: reality principle

The ego makes be aware of our surroundings and how to make decisions based on what we think is correct and incorrect.

EX: Your two best friends got into a fight and they both want you to be on there side. So you explain to them you cant and you compromise the situation so your not in trouble.

The superego

It perfects in knowing what is correct and what is incorrect no matter what it is. It's aware of errors and things that aren't big but aren't correct.

EX: Sees a child grabbing a candy off the shelf without permission you tell them its incorrect and to put it back and ask for permission because it;s not nice to take things without asking.