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Partee ES Parent Newsletter - APRIL 2019

April Events

4/1 Spring Break Begins (students return 4/8)

4/9 Georgia Milestones (GMAS) begins (see below for testing schedule)

4/12 All Pro Dad breakfast meeting, 8 AM

4/18 Title I Planning Meeting 5:30 PM

4/21 Easter Sunday

4/30 5th grade picture


Its Almost That Time!

On April 9th GMAS testing will begin for all 3 -5 graders. We ask all parents to make sure their 3 -5 graders are at school on time and remain at school all day. Testing will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and will end around 11:00 AM each day. Late students will be held in the Media Center and will not be allowed to test that day. Students who are late or absent will be able to take the assessment during make-up times.

Georgia Milestones Elementary School Schedule Spring 2019

3rd Grade GMAS Dates

ELA Section 1 Wednesday 4.10.2019

ELA Section 2 Thursday 4.11.2019

ELA Section 3 Friday 4.12.2019

Math Section 1 Thursday 4.18.2019

Math Section 2 Friday 4.19.2019

4th Grade GMAS Dates

ELA Section 1 Monday 4.22.2019

ELA Section 2 Tuesday 4.23.2019

ELA Section 3 Wednesday 4.24.2019

Math Section 1 Monday 4.29.2019

Math Section 2 Tuesday 4.30.2019

5th Grade GMAS Dates

Social Studies Sections 1 & 2 Tuesday 4.09.2019

ELA Section 1 Monday 4.15.2019

ELA Section 2 Tuesday 4.16.2019

ELA Section 3 Wednesday 4.17.2019

Math Section 1 Thursday 4.25.2019

Math Section 2 Friday 4.26.2019

Science Sections 1 & 2 Wednesday 5.01.2019

Final Day for Makeups Thursday 5.02.2019

Early Kindergarten Registration

April 11, 18, & 25 at Partee Elementary


If you would like to jump start the registration process for your rising kindergarten student,

please call 678-344-4429 to

schedule an appointment with Mrs. Butler.

The Counselor's Corner by Brenda Foster

Partee College and Career Day Speakers

Parents We Need You!!

Would you being willing to volunteer your time to speak to the students about your career? Partee Elementary School is planning a Career and College Day on May 3, 2019 to help students to expand their knowledge about the variety of career opportunities in their future. I am seeking parents who would visit 2-3 classes and speak for 15-20 minutes about what they do on their jobs. Please take a moment to consider participating and serving the students of our school.

Please contact: Brenda Foster, Partee School Counselor at: or call 678-344-4408. Thank you for your interest and volunteering your valuable time.

Field Day

Thursday, May 9, 2019

In preparation for Field Day, we would greatly appreciate Freeze Pop donations. In order to freeze them on time, please drop them off to our front office by Friday, April 26.

Donations of bottled water is also appreciated and can be dropped off any day prior to May 9.

9:15 AM - 11:30 AM K, 1, & 2

12:30 PM - 2:45 PM 3, 4 & 5

Upcoming Events for May

5/2 Progress Reports go home

5/2 Georgia Milestones (GMAS) ends

5/3 Career Day

5/3 Screen on the Green

5/6 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/8 Book Mobile

5/9 Field Day

5/12 Mother's Day

5/20 Second Semester Awards

5/21 Classroom Parties

5/22 Last Day of School

Perennial Math - Fifth Grade Team

5th Grade Team Won 1st Place! Sabrina, Jessica, and Pharaoh earned 3rd Place Medals in the individual competition!
Big picture

Perennial Math - Fourth Grade Team

The 4th Grade Team won 3rd Place!
Big picture


PTA Elections

We will be having elections for the 2019-2020 PTA Board on April 25 at 5:30. In order to vote for the Board who will represent and support our school, you need to be a member. Please log into to join for only $5.00.

Upcoming 5th Grade Activities

Wednesday, April 24

Rising Generals Transition Night #2

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday, April 30

Class Picture

Wednesday, May 8

Field Trip CNN Center

Monday, May 20

Awards Ceremony @ Canaan Land (Details TBA)

Tuesday, May 21

Waffle House Breakfast

Kona Ice

Wednesday, May 22

2025 Celebration Blast!

photo booth, luncheon

For details, please refer to the flyer previously sent home. To pay for the 5th grade events, visit and select the desired activities.

Partee 2018-2019 Year Book

Our yearbook team is hard at work putting together this year's edition. You will be able to select a hard cover or soft cover book for purchase. All purchases will be done through the Lifetouch website and the link below.

The deadline to order the yearbooks is April 4. So, please place your order now. Please contact the school if you have any problems accessing this information.

Yearbook ID Code: 11443719

From the Media Center

March was a great month for reading and we want to continue with that same gusto in April!

Spring Break is the perfect time to catch up on a good book. And don't forget to have your students log the books they read each night on the Partee Library eClass page. The Book Mobile will be visiting our school to pass out free books on May 8th. Students have an opportunity to get a free book by reading 20 books (for grades K-2) or 300 minutes (for grades 3-5) before May 3rd. So, Spring Into Reading before it's too late!

5 Things Parents Should Know About Asthma

Parents play a key role in helping their child keep asthma symptoms under control.

1. Think about symptoms, not labels. Asthma is a condition that may cause your child to wheeze and have breathing problems. But, to help your child manage his asthma, you need to know how serious it is.

2. Know your child’s triggers and how to avoid them. Triggers are things that can make your child’s asthma symptoms worse. Every child with asthma has different triggers. Some common triggers are: • Cigarette smoke • Colds or flu • Exercise • Pollen, mold or dust mites • High ozone levels • Pet dander

3. Make sure your child always has an inhaler available. If your child has asthma, his doctors may prescribe a rescue inhaler, such as Albuterol or Xopenex. An inhaler has medicine that will help your child breathe easier. Your child will need his rescue inhaler when he has an asthma flare-up or asthma attack. • Have him use a spacer with the inhaler so the medicine gets into his lungs, not his mouth.

4. Asthma is a serious condition that needs to be managed by a doctor. Parents cannot manage asthma alone. A doctor can watch your child’s symptoms and make changes to his treatment plan as needed. Signs your child needs a new asthma treatment plan: • He uses a rescue inhaler more than two times in one month • He has been treated at an urgent care center or emergency department more than three times in one year • He needs oral steroids.

5. Take your child to an emergency department when: • His rescue medicine is not helping his breathing • He needs his rescue medicine more than every four hours to control his symptoms

For safety, all medications, prescription and over the counter, must be brought to the school clinic by an adult, must be labeled, and in the original container and paperwork must be filled out for your child.

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