Roman Vs U.S. Ideas

Rome and the U.S. Are similar in a lot of ways

To be a happy person in Rome you have to follow the Laws. That is the same thing with the U.S. In Rome the males had a lot of power to do things like voting, holding Goverment offices and other things while the women had a little bit of rights. In the U.S. a long time ago men did most of the things the Romans did. If you committed a crime in the U.S. And In Rome you had to pay for your consequence. If you made a crime you could pay to get out of jail just like the men in the U.S. There is court so the judges could make decisions. The U.S. And Rome are a little bit the same. Also if people wanted to see the written laws in Rome they would see it in the 12 tables.

Everybody was different

In Rome the male could do almost anything like voting holding Goverment offices and other stuff. The women couldn't do the two things I explained the males could do but they could do other things to. Slaves had a little bit of rights. And freedmen and women had almost the same amount of rights just like the non slaves women.
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