Tour Of Africa :D

_Join in for a tour of Africa_

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is in Northeastern Tanzania.Its the highest mountain in Africa.Its an extinct that grows coffee and plantains in the bottom parts.It also has a great hike to the top and back down.The thing that will show off the most will be the view from the top.

Kalahari Desert

Is an arid plateau region.Spans 3 countries and covers 100,000 square miles.Theres reddish sand and grass grows through rainy seasons.You can see some amazing wild life and the amazing site of the will amaze you of all the beauty and wild life.


Some more places

Madagascar,Is in the indian ocean,mozambique channel separates it.1 of the several islands in Malagasy Republic.Its also a great place to see some rare wild life like all you snake lovers the python and you danger lovers we have lions.

Serengeti Plain

In central Tanzania.Extended 100 miles east and southeast.Contains some of the best grassland.500 species of animals.Also a great place to visit in the night time to see all the sounds of the nocturnal animals.