the kitchens key expectation


Bacteria is microscope living organisms, usually one celled that can be found everywhere. They can be dangerous, such as when the can cause infections. Yuck, we don't want that in our kitchen.

How do we prevent it from being in our kitchen?

Bacteria can be prevented in three main ways which apply the school kitchen and our kitchen at home:

Stop it from spreading

We can stop bacteria from spreading by avoiding cross contamination. Cross contamination is the transfer of bacteria or toxins to food or equipment or work. Things we can do to avoid cross contamination is to wear an apron, cover foods with a lid or saran wrap, etc...

Stop it from growing

Bacteria needs only three things to grow: food, warmth and moisture. How can we stop it from growing? We can keep hazardous foods away from the danger zone. The danger zone is the temperature range when bacteria multiplies more rapidly. The range is between four degrees Celsius to sixty degrees Celsius. To keep bacteria from growing we can put hot foods above sixty degrees or one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit, and cold foods below four degrees Celsius or forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Kill it

We can kill bacteria by cooking foods to their proper internal temperature and sanitizing dishes and equipment are the only ways we can kill bacteria in the kitchen

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is all about things we do to keep our body clean in the kitchen like taking daily showers, tucking your hair into a hair net or head scarf, washing your hands and lower arm frequently. Another way to keep clean i by trimming your finger nails and clean underneath them. Also, if you have any cuts or burns you can keep those covered with either gloves or a bandage.