The Dangerous or Disruptive Student

Maintaining a Safe Campus While Complying with IDEA

Presented by Jim Walsh, the Law Dawg

The Walsh, Gallegos TOOLBOX 4.1 training provides the next level of practical strategies for dealing with disruptive, dangerous or violent students in compliance with special education laws. This workshop provides a brief review of the ten specific tools to be used in dealing with dangerous, violent, or otherwise seriously disruptive students with disabilities. TOOLBOX 4.0 will empower participants to use the ten tools that

1) comply with IDEA and state law; and

2) balance the rights of the individual student with the needs of the other students and staff.

There will be practical application and practice opportunities for participants with hypothetical scenarios drawn from real cases.

Participants will become better prepared to deal with difficult situations.

Toolbox 4.1

Thursday, Oct. 14th, 9am-4pm

3332 Montgomery Road

Huntsville, TX

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Event # 449577

Cost: $60 (includes notebook)

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Contact: Fabiana Bezerra, Behavior Specialist for Special Education