CRMS Weekly Update: Week 33

Go Razorbacks!

April 19th-April 23rd

Monday, 4/19: Periods 1-4

Cohorts A/B/C in-person; Cohort D Remote

8:10 Log onto Schoology

8:13-9:13 period 1

9:16-10:16 period 2

10:19-11:19 period 3

11:22-12:22 period 4

Remote Students do not need to log onto their lunch/study hall periods.

Tuesday, 4/20: Periods 5-8

Cohorts A/B/C in-person; Cohort D Remote

8:10 Log onto Schoology

8:13-9:13 period 5

9:16-10:16 period 6

10:19-11:19 period 7

11:22-12:22 period 8

Remote Students do not need to log onto their lunch/study hall periods.

Wednesday, 4/21: Periods 1-8

Cohorts A/B/C in-person; Cohort D Remote

Arrival/Pledge/7:50-8:00 *Students report directly to their 1st-period classrooms.

Period 1 8:00-8:30

Period 2 8:33-9:03

Period 3 9:06-9:36

Period 4 9:39-10:09

Period 5 10:12-10:42

Period 6 10:45-11:15

Period 7 11:18-11:48

Period 8 11:51-12:22

*Remote Students will not need to report to their Lunch/Study Hall or their Health/PE periods on Wednesdays.

In-person students report to their assigned rooms for Lunch/study hall, and Health/PE, study halls.

Thursday, 4/22: Periods 1-4

Cohorts A/B/C in-person; Cohort D Remote

8:10 Log onto Schoology

8:13-9:13 period 1

9:16-10:16 period 2

10:19-11:19 period 3

11:22-12:22 period 4

Remote Students do not need to log onto their lunch/study hall periods.

Friday, 4/23: Periods 5-8 LIGHT IT UP BLUE DAY!

Cohorts A/B/C in-person; Cohort D Remote

8:10 Log onto Schoology

8:13-9:13 period 5

9:16-10:16 period 6

10:19-11:19 period 7

11:22-12:22 period 8

Remote Students do not need to log onto their lunch/study hall periods.

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Wear Your best blue on Friday, April 23rd for Autism Awareness!

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Meal Distribution Going Forward on April 26th !

Breakfast-5 days of breakfasts will be given out on Mondays as the students are getting on their busses. Because of Memorial Day, they will be given out on Tuesday, June 1st for only 4 days. The students will get their breakfast for June 1st on May 24th.

Lunch-Lunches will be picked up and eaten in the cafeteria. Students will use their barriers at lunch. Hand Sanitizer and Wipes will be available, and the cafeteria will be fully cleaned and sanitized after each group eats. We are also adding some additional outdoor seating that students can utilize on nice weather days. Here is our plan for student lunches:

  • Each grade level will be split into A and B lunch groups according to their Communities so that only half of each grade level is in the cafeteria at one time.
  • The available seating will be clearly marked and students will sit staggered at each table at a designated seat.
  • Students will use their barriers at lunch as they do in their classrooms.
  • Students can choose the hot or cold lunch line if they are getting a school lunch.
  • Lunches will be prepared and in an individualized take-out container. Students can choose white or chocolate milk.
  • All school lunches are free.
  • Students can lower their masks only while eating or drinking.
  • Hand Sanitizer and wipes will be supplied for easy cleaning of their barriers, table area, and bench.
  • There is outside seating available on fair weather days as an available option.
  • All areas will be cleaned and sanitized by our food service staff and custodians before and after each group.

Remote Meal Distribution will remain the same.

I Am Gallery!

Check out our students' word clouds they did to describe who they are! We are so proud of them! Together, we are building better people!

Character Program for April


Persistent and steady effort to reach a goal

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." ~Thomas Edison

Character Program- April- Diligence and Perseverance

Definition of Diligence and Perseverance:

  • Constant and earnest attempts to accomplish what is undertaken

  • Persistent effort to work steadily and carefully

What You Will See as Students Persevere:

  • Continually working towards a goal

  • To work hard to solve a problem

  • To not give up after the first or second try

  • To organize or give structure to your commitment to get things done

Quotes About Perseverance and Diligence:

"There are no shortcuts to life's greatest achievements."

"Never, never, never give up." ~Winston Churchill

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength." ~Oprah Winfrey

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance." ~H. Jackson Brown

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." ~Thomas Edison

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Razorback Art Gallery!

Thank you to Mr. Hull's students for these fantastic works of art!

Olivia McEnroe linear one-point perspective

Julia Nigro Op Art

Katelyn Arocho ribbons

Devyn Pawlowski linear one-point perspective

Carina Cinelli Drawing from the right side of the brain

Layla Beasley Op Art

Emma Wise ribbons

Luigi Gattinelli drawing from the right side of the brain

Mia Delgado Op Art

Attention 8th Graders!

Grade 8: April 12th - April 23rd Meetings with your High School Counselors for Scheduling

The week before you are scheduled for your meeting, your assigned WTHS School Counselor will send out an appointment email and calendar invitation. All meetings will be scheduled virtually using WebEx or Teams. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please let your WTHS Counselor know in advance and we will try to reschedule. Please review the Program of Studies for course descriptions and prerequisites and prepare any questions beforehand. You may also want to consider applying for an Academy. Academy information and application link are on page 23 of the Program of Studies.

We're looking forward to meeting you!


WTHS School Counselors

Washington Township High School


(fax) 856-582-6205

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Yearbook Update

Yearbook update:

Parents, thank you for sending in your pictures throughout this school year. The yearbook has been submitted for printing, so we are no longer accepting pictures.

There is a limited number of yearbooks available. If you would like to order, go to the CRMS homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the order yearbook link.

Ms. Vidal and Mrs. Sambor

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Please Support Our CRMS PTO!


Thanks so much to our 8th-grade families for your generous donations toward our end-of-the-year activities!!

Restaurant Night

TBD-Stay tuned for more info in the group!


Have you linked your Amazon account to Amazon Smile? We originally thought you couldn’t shop Amazon Smile directly from your Amazon app, but it turns out that you CAN! It’s super easy to link.

Here are the instructions:


Are you a member of our CRMS PTO Facebook group? If not, click this link to join, we’d love to have you!!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted does for the 2020/2021 school year so far! We still have a long way to go to reach 100%. If you haven’t paid your dues yet, you can do so via PayPal or mail a check to the school!


*Be sure to add a note with your student's name + grade and don’t forget to UNCHECK the goods + services box, so we aren’t charged a fee for the transaction!


Virtual meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 4 pm unless otherwise noted. We’d love to see your faces and hear your ideas!

Remaining PTO Meetings

•May 11th

•June 1st (if needed)

•••BOX TOPS•••

The days of clipping box tops are long gone! Raising extra cash through box tops is as easy as downloading the FREE Box Tops for Education app, linking to CRMS, and scanning your receipts for credit! Done!

Keep Working Hard! Here are your Academic Goals!

Student Responsibilities During Remote/Hybrid Learning

  • Log in to/attend live classes each day--cameras on!
  • Sit at a desk or table with your laptop and paper and pen available; have a structured workstation.
  • No phones, games, electronics of any kind at your workstation.
  • Major/Minor Assessments must be completed in a timely manner.
  • Afternoons are school time. Use it for extra help from teachers during office hours and/or to complete the day's work.

How Parents Can Support Students

  • Help your student develop a routine using the daily schedule.
  • Help create a quiet workplace for your student at a desk or table.
  • Log into PowerSchool to check grades and comments.
  • Do not allow phones or games in the student's workspace.
  • Remind your student that school is until 3PM each day. After classes, they should be completing work and/or attending teacher office hours.

Please see our Infographic below for more information!

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Updates to Attendance and Class Participation!

Online Class Attendance counts! Students who accumulate 8 class absences will be assigned one unexcused absence. If a student is absent for the whole day, it will also be counted as an absence. Don't forget- students with 16 or more unexcused absences will need to attend Saturday Schools to make up their days. As always, excused absences will not count against our students!

Participation is expected and encouraged when students are attending online classes! Our teachers are asking students to type answers in chat boxes and/or share their answers verbally. Be sure to remind your students to actively participate in the lesson so their teachers know they are really there! Students who are uncomfortable turning on their cameras or speaking online will be asked to type their responses in the chatbox. Please remind your students to be present throughout the entire class and be sure to participate. Leaving the class early, arriving very late, or a lack of participation may result in a student being marked absent for that class period. Should you run into any technical problems or extenuating circumstances, please notify your teacher and/or the Main Office so we can help!

New!! As of 12/2/20, all students are required to have their cameras on! Students may choose to blur their backgrounds, but their faces must be visible!

**Remote and opposite cohort students do not report to Lunch/Study Hall Periods. This period should be used to complete and submit work, independently read, and organize assignments. Lunch study hall only counts toward attendance for in-person students

Tech Solutions Club! Join Today! Join to Get Help, or Be a Tech Helper!

Tech Solutions Club: This club is for students (new or existing) who need tech support with Schoology, ClassLink, PowerSchool, email, online textbooks, etc... Or, join to help students with Technology!

Tech Solutions Club is held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 pm.

To set sign up for the Tech Solutions Club follow these steps:

  • Click on “Groups” in the top menu bar in Schoology
  • Click on “My Groups” on the far-right side
  • Then, click “Join Group” on the right-hand side
  • Enter the access code: QJR2-N4Q4-4NDDC
  • Now you are a member of the Tech Solutions Club!

If you are having trouble, here is a screencast that also explains how to join the group, as well as, instructions on how to use the WebEx link for the meeting:

I look forward to seeing you at Tech Solutions Club!
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Our CRMS website now has our live video announcements and written announcements on a daily basis! Check out our Daily Announcements Section!

Thinking about a club or activity? They are all virtual and ready to go! Check them out on our website! Check out this page often for new clubs and exciting opportunities! Everyone is encouraged to join our virtual co-curricular activities!

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Join Now! Thank you to all our advisors!

Be You – Meetings will be held monthly. This club will celebrate, educate and raise awareness on diversity among our student body. Different perspectives are welcomed and encouraged as we explore different religions, ethnicities, cultures and sexuality and how it impacts students today. Will meet every third Thursday of the month at 3pm, via Webex.

Access Code: ZG8B-994D-34SWN

Sheronda Howard–


After School Rehearsals:

After school rehearsals will be held via WebEx. Because of the large number of students in the choral program, smaller ensembles within each grade level will be created to ensure the best virtual rehearsal for participants.

Katie Kershaw -

The ensemble will meet on Thursdays beginning TBD after school at 3:00.

Access Code: ZCGR-59M4-39QHX

Katie Kershaw –

Class Councils – Meets once a month to discuss a monthly service project or activity. Students can join any time during the school year.

Grade 6

Access Code: T5M3-D2C4-F33XS

Jeanine Ianoale-Tracy -

Grade 7

Access Code: H9FX-HWPW-SWJ7N

Karen DeFranco –

Grade 8

8th Grade Class Council Advisors will conduct virtual meetings through WebEx. All 8th graders are welcome to attend and contribute their ideas for fundraising, end of the year activities, and events for the 8th grade.

Access Code: D69T-D299-6HW84

Deanna Doyon -

Jennifer Reilly –

Band at CRMS is an activity for anyone interested in playing a wind or percussion instrument. In Band, we learn important musical techniques, explore diverse musical traditions, and perform for friends and family.

Benjamin Reim –

Drama Club – Engages students in theatrical arts, running much like a professional theater company. Students are engaged through auditions, rehearsals and performances as well as working the stage crew in the fall play, talent show and spring musical.

Access Code: TDN6-63WW-NDJ79

Robert Scardino –

Future Acts – Community Service Club. Our goal is to engage students in meaningful community service while building relationships with staff and students throughout the district. Meeting dates are on the Morning Announcements.

Access Code: G43C-PB2R-BXTBW

Kim Hinrichs –

Homework Clubs – A year-round club where students can reach out to us during school, through email, TEAMS or Webex. This gives our students the opportunity to reach out one to one with a teacher for help or questions after school from 3PM to 4PM.

Grade 6

Access Code: M2VW-X3V3-H4CNB

Patricia Hill –

Grade 7

Access Code BGG3-2GFG-5B7DF

Karen DeFranco –

Karen Carola –

Qiana Stanard –

Grade 8

Access Code: 4FVP-BJZX-882DC

Amanda Dacquisto –

Musical – Access Code: TDN6-63WW-NDJ79

lay performance that is part of the Drama Club

Robert Scardino –

Toni Benecchi –

Newspaper Club– Publishes 4 issues of the school paper “Razorback Reporter”.

Michelle Schwiter

join at

Orchestra – Orchestra students will meet to rehearse after school.

Toni Benecchi –

Polygon Club - Student-driven club that meets monthly where students are given the opportunity to work in coding platforms of their choice. Students design games and interactives, while exploring the different elements and problem-solving strategies that come with coding. It is a laid back, fun way to get started or advance coding knowledge. Meeting dates will be posted to the announcements and on the school calendar.

Access Code: K86H-2J9H-X7S54

Elizabeth Pitel –

Student Council – 6th, 7th and 8th grade club have a Student Council group in Schoology and TEAMS. Both are used for meetings and communication. TEAMS is synced with Schoology to make it easier for students to access. Mrs. Hill will also use school email for communication with members' parents when necessary.

WebEx for virtual meetings.

Activities and projects are developed by students during our meetings.

We wanted to continue our recycling program with Crayola.

Continuing to promote school spirit and community service, we will create videos and contests for students and staff.


Beginning September 30th,we will meet via WebEx every other Wednesday at 3:15. Sub committees will meet as needed after school via TEAMS.

Access Code - H9FX-HWPW-SWJ7N

Patricia Hill –

Morning Announcements - The Morning Announcement Team produces and presents the day's program at the beginning of school. The team members rotate responsibilities: anchoring the news program, script editing, and camera operations. Students from all grade levels are invited to participate.

James Tarr –

Vocalise - Auditions for Vocalise will consist of student-submitted Flipgrid videos. Students in the ensemble will then rehearse weekly via WebEx in order to work on repertoire for virtual performances. The ensemble will meet on Mondays beginning TBD after school at 3:00.

Access Code: ZQ9Q-G8T4-T8QQ3

Katie Kershaw –

Yearbook - Members help in the design process of the yearbook. They also assist in taking pictures. Students are encouraged to listen to the morning announcements for meeting dates.

Beverly Sambor –

Lauren Vidal –

Young Engineers – The Young Engineers Club is a club that promotes STEM education. Students will be introduced to the branches of engineering and the engineering design process. Students will learn how to use science and technology to design products that solve problems.

Hands-on activities will be conducted remotely when possible using common household items. Materials may be supplied prior to the meeting when necessary.

Students will be asked to design a product to solve a problem. The students will use the engineering design process and will be guided through the process. Supplies will be provided when needed.

Access Code: XTZS-NZ2F-FKXVZ

Lisa Schrumpf –

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