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April is Awesome!

Bring joy to others!

Have you ever thought, I want more out of this business? More fun, more achievements, maybe even more money? Well sponsoring is how it happens! I started off not wanting to sponsor, cause I thought it just wasn't for me. I waited a whole year! But a light bulb clicked and I realized, I have something amazing to share with others and can bring joy and fulfillment to women's lives! 2.5 years later and I have a team of 32 amazing women, from all walks of life. It is my favorite part of this job! If you are interested in growing a team of your own, I would love to help you! Whether you have a full time job, you're a stay at home mom, you've just joined us, or you've been a stylist for can do this! Email me by April 2nd and say "I want to lead" and join me for a weekly challenge and goal setting to make it happen this month. With our new sponsoring special, there is no reason why each and every one of us can't add one stylist and start another woman off on the road to success! I have a goal to sponsor 4! Who is going to join me?

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