RangeXTD Review - It works or NOT?

Find out all the RangeXTD details in this review.

Are you an online gamer or a serial watcher and is in the constant need for a good internet connection? Do you get frustrated when you have to wait for the videos getting loaded or the times when you are trying to send an important mail but your internet connection refuses to cooperate? If yes, then you are at the right place of finding the right solution to your network problems.

A bad network is not only the reason behind the sluggish internet speed. You may be at a weak network place or there might be congestion in the network of your service providers as well. You can do nothing in this regard.

What you can do is that you can go for the electronic devices called Wi-Fi boosters that give a boost to your existing Wi-Fi signal. Here we bring you the most genuine and reliable review of RangeXTD that helps understands the functioning and effectiveness of the product.

What are Wi-Fi Boosters?

Wi-Fi boosters are responsible for the extension in the range of the current Wi-Fi network at your place. They simply work by boosting the existing Wi-Fi signal that increases the coverage area of the existing network. Thus, there is no additional cost in terms of data usage.

RangeXTD is one such leading Wi-Fi boosters that are best to be used at your office or your home. It is an electronic device that does not let you pay extra to your network connections.

Let us try to understand the device first.

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What is RangeXTD?

RangeXTD is a Wi-Fi booster that eliminates dead zones from your place. You do not need to run behind internet ranges to do your work when you have RangeXTD at your place.

RangeXTD is a highly efficient Wi-Fi booster that solves the problems of dead zones at your place. It is the best Wi-Fi booster that solves the problem of slow connection and you can enjoy fast speed internet on multiple devices like mobile, tabs, and computer as well.

If you do not want to spend on buying a new router but is facing the problem of wreaking signals at your place, RangeXTD is the best solution for you. It is a compact device; works well with all of the Wi-Fi signals, and is an effective solution to the loading problems of the internet.

So what is it that makes RangeXTD so special? Let us have a look at its technical specifications:

Technical Specifications of RangeXTD:

The functioning of any electronic device is based on its structure and the hardware used in its construction. Having a look at the technical aspects of RangeXTD satisfies its performance:

  • RangeXTD has a wizard installation.
  • It can handle WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption.
  • It has 2 in built-antennas.
  • It has 1WAN/LAN and 1 LAN jack.
  • It has a one-push button operation.
  • It has an LED to indicate signal strength.
  • It has mode controllers and simple power controllers.
  • It is capable of providing Wi-Fi speeds up to 300mbps.

Features of RangeXTD:

The main features of RangeXTD include:

  • It is a compact device.
  • It is easy to install and does not require any specialized procedure to be followed.
  • It does not necessarily require to be connected at a specific place only and hence can be used from any place in your room or office.
  • It is cheap as compared to its other competitors and provides high efficiency.
  • It is a one-time investment as there is no need to upgrade your network plans when you have RangeXTD at your place.
  • It works on highly efficient WPS technology.
  • The built-in antennas of RangeXTD boost the existing signal.
  • It does not only boost the speed but increases the range area of the existing Wi-Fi connection.

RangeXTD can thus be safely concluded as a small, easy to use, and high-performing device that can be connected at any of the sockets in your place. It takes charge of reducing the uploading time and buffering time so that you can enjoy your internet without any disruption. RangeXTD eliminates the network dead zones like the basement, patios, etc.

After having a check at the features of this miracle device, let us tell you the best way to use RangeXTD at your place.

How to use RangeXTD?

There is no strict protocol that needs to be followed, while you need to use RangeXTD at your place. However, the following points can help you in easy installation of the device:

  • Plug the RangeXTD at any power socket located at any place of your home or office.
  • You can get an idea of the signal strength on the LED of RangeXTD, so accordingly you can change its location.
  • Connect RangeXTD to the router.
  • RangeXTD is good to go!

RangeXTD can be moved from one place to another within your home or office, once its installation is complete. No more sittings according to the Wi-Fi range, now you can enjoy your quality time at your place and RangeXTD will take care of providing strong signal strength to you.

It is interesting and fascinating to know about the working of RangeXTD.

How does RangeXTD work?

RangeXTD is an electronic device i.e. it works on power. You can connect it to any of the power sockets at your place.

This is the place where RangeXTD comes into action. The Wi-Fi router and amplifier duo present in the RangeXTD first of all receives the existing signal, then amplifies it, and then again transmits it to cover your entire place. Thus, in this way, RangeXTD successfully eliminates the dead zones from your place.

Let us have a look at the major advantages of RangeXTD.

Advantages of RangeXTD:

The major advantages of using RangeXTD are:

  • It is a cheap solution to eliminate the dead-zones present at your home or your office. You do not need to upgrade the Wi-Fi plans.
  • It is easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • It gives excellent results irrespective of its location.
  • It is an instant device that starts transmitting amplified Wi-Fi signals as soon as you connect it to your Wi-Fi network.
  • It is a universal device and performs with the same excellence as any type of network or routers.
  • It is free from tangling wires and does not need extra space for working.

Disadvantages of RangeXTD:

  • RangeXTD is available online only.
  • There is a slight difference in the performance of RangeXTD according to the place of the position of the Wi-Fi router and the dead zones.

RangeXTD Price

RangeXTD is available online at an amazing discount offer of 50% off on a single purchase. You get a US plug along with the product with no additional cost. In addition to this, if you are looking for bulk purchase of RangeXTD, you can go for the available offers provided by the manufactures.

The manufacturer of RangeXTD does not try to empty the pockets of its users based on its excellent performance.

Where to buy?

RangeXTD is a popular electronic device and there are high chances of similar-looking duplicate products in the market. It is recommended to buy RangeXTD from its official website only.

The company provides the following package deals to the customers:

  • “Double Your Range”- You get 2 units of RangeXTD and a US plug at $99.90
  • “Triple Your Range”- You get 2 units of RangeXTD and a US plug at $112.39
  • “Maximize Your Range”- You get 4 units of RangeXTD and a US plug at $149.85

RangeXTD comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures 100% satisfaction to the customers. However, chances are rare that you need to avail of this guarantee.

Customer Reviews:

One of the RangeXTD users terms it as a wonder that enables her to use the Wi-Fi properly in her kitchen as well that was earlier a dead zone.

Another customer of RangeXTD credits the device to provide a reliable connection to him. He can now easily work from his place.

Based on the positive customer reviews and our use of RangeXTD, we give it a top rating of 5-stars.


· Can I use the same RangeXTD for my home and my office?

Yes, you can simply move the RangeXTD with you.

· How many devices can be connected through one RangeXTD?

You can connect as many devices you want to with single RangeXTD.

· What is the ideal place to keep RangeXTD?

The ideal place to keep RangeXTD is halfway between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone.


If you struggle to find a stable network connection, RangeXTD is a perfect device for you to get a stable high-speed internet. It is cheap, compact, easy to use and maintain a device that increases the strength of your existing Wi-Fi signal without increasing your bills. Grab a one for you now or you can just gift to someone!

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