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March 4, 2019

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The View From Where You Sit

This time of year in schools can be tough. Winter is wearing on all of us, the holiday break seems like a long time ago, and spring break still feels like it’s out of reach. We are tempted by sunshine and nicer temperatures one day only to face snow and ice the next. We are gearing up for multiple rounds of testing while still trying to get through our subject content successfully. Some days drag on and others are flying by. Frustrations can run high while patience is thin and that is a dangerous state to be in.

We tend to respond to others with an attitude that often mirrors our mindset and mood . Because of this, it is vital to consider our daily thoughts and emotions and how those impact our interactions with students, co-workers, our families, and others. When things are going well, going our way, we tend to treat others in a positive manner. When we are tired, stressed, and frustrated, we often respond in a less positive way. We find ways to inflate others’ faults, we find ways to inflate our own morality in how we would handle similar situations, we inflate the value of an action and its impact on a situation in a negative way, and/or we blame others for our distressed state. When we are struggling ourselves, we can easily fall into these traps and project on others.

During trying times we often are not really seeing people as they are or treating them as we would like to be treated. We treat others wants and needs as secondary to our own. Our desires come first making others needs become less legitimate or inferior. During these stressful times, we must recognize these issues and work hard to overcome them. Success as a team depends on freeing ourselves from these counterproductive thoughts and actions. When we see people as hardworking individuals who are giving their best and want to improve, who are facing their own struggles, and we treat them the way we would want to be treated regardless, we create an environment of openness, trust and teamwork, where people work hard for the collective good, not just for individual goals and accomplishments. Spring is coming I promise. I hope it brings renewal for all us in body, mind, and spirit.

IMPACT Field Trip

Thank you to Mrs. Shultz and our CN staff for taking our sophomores on the IMPACT field trip last week! The more they see, the more they know! Thank you for giving them opportunities to learn and grow.

Fluid Power Challenge

These young men represented Noble County for the first time in the Fluid Power Challenge this weekend at Purdue. Over the past few weeks they had to design and build a machine that uses only hydraulics and pneumatics to move a block. They then had to rebuild their machine for the judges and compete with the other teams using their machine. They won the machine competition by earning the most points, and also won 1st place overall team for for their design, portfolio, and interview. Great job boys!
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Destination Imagination

Thank you to everyone that helped make the Destination Imagination Regional Competition a success. We hosted over 700 people on Saturday representing over 70 teams. Congratulations to our Jr High team who placed 1st in competition and 1st in Instant Challenge. They will be advancing to State Competition in Indianapolis in 2 short weeks.

Our Senior High team worked together to make some last minute adaptations after Maddie Vice's accident early last week and did a great job. They placed 4th overall and came up one place short of advancing. They showed heart and teamwork and overcame a challenge like champs!

Thank you to our custodial staff that worked very hard to get our school ready and worked throughout the day to keep things looking great. We had so many compliments on our school from visitors and many mentioned our staff members who were helping Saturday. We tried to get rooms back together quickly. If you were missing desks or chairs or ended up with any that were not yours, please talk with a neighbor or let me or Tim Kiebel know.

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In Support of West Noble Schools

Thank you to Mrs. Mault who was touched by the WN Community's tragic loss and suggested a way that we as a school community could share our support. Our staff, students, and community raised over $2000 in one week and was able to share that today with West Noble. Thank you to everyone who contributed. There are so many needs in our small communities. Last week proved that if someone is willing to take the lead, we can all come together to make an impact. Thank you for being a community that cares for others.

Exam Schedule


Period 1 8:25 - 8:47

Period 2 EXAM 8:51 - 10:21

Period 3 10:25 - 10:47

Period 5 10:51 - 11:13

Period 4 EXAM

Jr. High Lunch 11:13 - 11:43

EXAM 11:47 - 1:17

EXAM 11:17 - 12:47

Sr. High Lunch 12:47 - 1:17

Period 7 1:21 - 1:43

Period 6 EXAM 1:47 - 3:17


Period 1 EXAM 8:25 - 9:55

Period 3 EXAM 10:02 - 11:32

Period 5 EXAM

Jr High Lunch 11:32 - 12:02

EXAM 12:09 - 1:39

EXAM 11:39 - 1:09

Sr High Lunch 1:09 - 1:39

Period 7 EXAM 1:46 - 3:17

For Your Calendars:

3/7-8 - Qtr 3 Finals

3/22 - Jr High Spring Fling

3/29 - Make Up Day Elearning

3/29 - 4/5 - Spring Break