Jessica's Eco-Friendly Island


What is eco-friendly about my resort

In my resort there is a-lot to do and see while also protecting the environment.

- no cars, you travel by bike around the island

- boat trips around the island to see and learn about its history

- there is a look out point where there is magnificent views which is also an information point

- there is a flying fox activity that goes thought the natural untamed forests of the island

- you can help the locals farm and learn their agriculture techniques

- another activity is snorkelling, you can see the amazing colours of the coral reefs and the vibrant fish, which will make you want to protect and keep them safe

Visitors to this island will leave with a understanding to why we need to keep these parts of the world safe and protected.

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)


I have chosen this song to attach because its quite fitting the people who experience this island leave HAPPY! and overall had a good time while learning about the environment.

Resort Information

Now I know you must be thinking how a resort can possibly be eco-friendly but this one is the exception with because

- It is made of natural resources

- Is powered my solar panels

- The chief is an expert in using everything and does not leave any food behind

- Water that is used by the visitors is pure water made from sea water and also collected by rain