Bonnie's Science 6 Page

This is my Smore to show my learning in Science.

An Introduction To Bonnie Simpkins

My name is Bonnie Simpkins and I am in Mrs. Smiths Science 6 Class. My favorite color is mint green, and I enjoy many sports. My favorite food is fried chicken and I also love steak. My favorite dessert is any dessert because I have a big sweet tooth. I really like going on vacations. My hobbies include cheerleading, drawing, and cooking. I really enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the beach and the pool, and watching T.V. I really enjoyed the introduction To Science 6 unit because we did many activities.

Introduction To Science 6

Introduction To Science 6

In this unit (introduction to Science 6) we learned about each skill we will need when we start our first "real" unit. Those skills we learned included: reading a triple beam balance, reading a metric ruler, comparing and contrasting things, classifying things, learning how to use a microscope, and reading maps. We also learned the process of ERWC (expository reading and writing comprehension). In each skill we learned we had handouts to go with it. Like measuring, drawing what we see through the microscope, classifying things in our rooms, and much more. Each skill we learned will help us throughout the year with our real units.

My Favorite Lab

My favorite activity was the letter e lab in our mini microscope unit. I liked this lab because first, we got to use microscopes and second we got to look at a honeybees wing up close. It was very cool to see all of the details you can't see with the naked eye.
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