Good Reasaons to Go to War

Reasons to go to war

A good reason to go to war is for resources, Religion(according only to terrorists), proving the nation isnt to be trifled with, independance, responce to a aggresive act, a retaliation over a event(Japanese attack), if the nation is a potential threat.

Reasons to aviod a war.

Defeat, lives, economic loss, total destruction, alliances, nuclear war, territorial loss, loss of focus, not ready for war.

Which wars were just and unjust

American revolution was just because of mistreatment from Great Britian.

War of 1812 was just becasue of national defence against the British.

Texas Revolution was just because Texas deserved to have independance.

US Army vs. Native Americans is unjust because the US didnt have the right to kick the indians out of their home.

Civil War was just because it was to free the slaves and reunite America.

Mexican American War was just for the land of Mexico and we saved Texas.

Spanish American War was just because we saved the philippines from the Spanishs' harsh rule.

World War 1 was just because Germany was sinking our ships with U-Boats and the Sinking of the Lusitania.

World War 2 was just because of Japan

Korean War was just to stop spread of communism

Vietnam War was just to stop spread of communism

Gulf War was just to stop Saddam Hussian from commiting genocide and take Kuwait

War on Terror was just as a retaliation against 9/11

Was drafting a good thing.

Drafting is a no in certain situations because of the lack of effort by the draftees and the throwing away of people. The situations where it is nessasary is when there is a major call and people need to answer it.