The SAYS Vision

News for a Generation Who No Longer Reads Newspapers

Every once in a while a company comes along and defines a generation.

For this generation... Apple defined our personal electronics. Google defined how we search for information. Facebook defined how we share with friends.

So. What else is there left to define for this generation?

The answer begins with a universal need, or motivation, that every generation has, BUT has largely stayed unchanged.

What might that be? What about, say... the news?

What about the news?

Newspapers as we know it have begun dying in recent years.

The news comes to us differently now.

  • Through phones and browsers.
  • Through our friends, via social networks. Top news sites in the world report social media to be driving most of their traffic. So much so that news is the number 1 type of links shared on social media.
  • Through 'filtering' by friends. For this generation, if the news doesn't come to me, it probably isn't important.

And especially for us, it comes with a lot of pain:

  • News reading online? Ugleh! Reading blocks and blocks of words is a pain.
  • News reading online? Boring! Only one perspective per news source. Wanna get a bunch of angles, more context, or 'the full story'. Go to 10 different websites. = More pain.
  • News reading online? Limited! We've no way of interacting with a news piece except maybe the occasional comments from random friends (when we share it on Facebook). What does the WORLD really think about a news story? Try searching for THAT.

So, which companies have innovated in this space?

  • You've got niche sites like Reddit or Hacker News.
  • You've got beautiful news readers like Flipboard.
  • And news search like Google News.

Can any of them can claim to be the news organization for this generation?

Clearly not.

This is why we're building it.

Introducing SAYS is re-creating a news organization for a generation who no longer reads newspapers.

Just like our previous generation is *addicted* to flipping a newspaper every day, cover to cover, we'll create a news experience everyone this generation will want to flip through ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME.

How? By offering a "Rapid 3D" News Experience like no other

1. Rapid (D)iscovery

At a glance, rapidly discover multiple angles of a story via 'remixes' of the news: Relevant pictures, videos, blog posts, news sources, Wikipedia links, infographics and more... crowd-curated by SAYS users onto one beautiful page.

2. Rapid (D)istribution

Those who share news 'remixes' collect points, badges, and reputation of a 'high score' for 'broadcasting' the news to people. Top 'broadcasters' will be the new media pundits you'd want to invite to your press conference. Collectively, a community of these trusted news broadcasters will be the influence vehicle of the future.

3. Rapid (D)iscussions

Reactions and comments are beautifully displayed, turning SAYS into the country's central chat room and debate center for the news, where you can see what your friends' opinions are, and what the most popularly held, or controversial opinions are. Only because what people think about the news is just as important as the news itself...


We print money without the print ads (pun intended). How?

  • Our community of influential 'broadcasters' who have a trusted reputation for introducing relevant news will opt-in to help to rapidly distribute advertisers' newsworthy content, for a fee.
  • This is powerful, as it is natural content, leveraging the most influential and trustworthy medium in the world - word of mouth.
  • Print ad-spend (on newspapers) is currently 20X the size of digital ad-spend across the globe. By offering an extension of news audiences, we'll spark a shift in print ad-spend, straight into our pockets.

We're giving advertisers the most influential way to engage a generation - by their content the news everyone shares.


SAYS as a next-generation news company, distributing 5 million news remixes to 50 countries across the globe, into 500 million home (pages) every single day.

How. Very. Valuable.

Keep in mind, the SAYS vision is essentially 3 things

  1. News is the most shared content on the web, and yet it has seen the least innovation!
  2. SAYS offers the first of its kind, 'Rapid 3D' news experience.
  3. Building a news organization this generation is addicted to.

Add this 3 things together.

We could very well be a company that came along and defined the news for this generation.
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